Guitar Pedals for CHEAP! Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal – Thursday Gear Video

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Hey guys Marty Schwartz here again with another Thursday gear video. I decided to find some pedals for $50 or under to show you what you can get on a budget.
The Boss BD-2 is a classic pedal that many of you have asked me about. I’m excited for you to see the sounds you can get for such a low price. I bought mine used. Let me know in the comments other gear you would like to see me cover. All my best,



Ritwik Ghosh says:

you are a great teacher Marty. Are you part Indian?

Russell NKD says:

God damn that guitar is so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

duster71 says:

oh damn a whole mess at 9:45 lol

Carl Barton says:


nicestrat says:

You get what you pay for.  I’m sure you agree, Marty.  We’ll just keep it on the “down low”…..

Alex says:

I own one of these, it does a good Queens of the Stone Age impression

duster71 says:

great vid Marty !!! but that one note.

larry geetar says:

I have one of those boxes of pedals, too, man. Treasures of days gone by … The BD-2
is a really good pedal for all around use, I think. It’s a bit truer to the sound of your guitar
than a Tube Screamer or Fulltone OCD, both of which are in the same ball park as the
BD-2. Tube Screamers seem to have that kind of built in compression and I don’t care for
that. All three pedals are iconic. I like the BD-2 for its more natural sound and its less
compressed nature. Especially for $50.00.

Frape says:

Awesome tunes! I really love your channel because I am teaching my self to play the guitar. Keep it up man!

Steven Griffin says:

Such a Hendrix vibe!

Carlos Medina-Ramirez says:

This pedal may not be the best on its own, but it’s great as a clean or slightly dirty booster. Put a Rat behind it and you’ll have fuzz for days. Great demo!

Miguel Ángel Pérez De Rada says:

it’s coming home for xmas!!

Darren Price says:

Hi! Marty, Can you do a demo of the Boss OS-2? The pedal is a Overdrive/Distortion pedal. Thanks for the great teaching over the years! I have learned a lot of sounds from you!

nivle atehcna says:

hello marty..can this blues driver can boosted the ibanez tube s.?

symmetrical.madness says:

MANIC DEPRESSION. Love your videos Marty! especially this one. Just ordered a BD-2 myself and thanks to you i can’t wait till tomorrow hahha.

JesusRocks26 says:

bro was that Charlie Brown you started playing? haha i love it

Patrick Mcgee says:

marty watch your lesson all the time, but I’m looking for that crossroads sound have a squier classic vibe telecaster guitar with a line 6 mk2 112 amp plus bought a fuzz pedal but can’t get the sound I’m looking for want that cream sound making me nuts thanks man

jim castle says:

Hello Marty, in your opinion is the Boss Blues Driver just as good compare to the Tube screamer?

František Vtelenský says:

So underated pedal I think. For example, Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day use this pedal for two decades and it’s still in his live rig! Thanks Marty for video, man! 🙂

L Chilli says:

Blues driver is workhorse of a stomper even Tom Morello is a big blues driver player. Most of his tones use blues driver in there

Russell NKD says:

Any advice for a SRV sound ? Would this pedal be a good choice ? Or do u have any in mind , but as harder as this pedal ?

CTCornCob says:

50 bucks??? this is 140 in Canada wtf

Marc Piechowicz says:

Do people watching this have a preference between this and the ibanez tube screamer?

flairball says:

Great stuff, Marty. I’ve just started playing again after more than a 20 year break. Question, would that pedal sound good with a solid state amp, or is it designed for a tube amp?

Bradley Kaminicki says:

You should do a video on blues solos in general

Steven Johnston says:

Marty’s channel is not for musicians who have buckets of cash to spend on equipment, which is the glory of this channel

Sabrina the scene witch says:

What’s the difference between this and the waza craft?


Sounds fuzzy turned all the way up.

Steven Griffin says:

Guess what now Marty, with your wonderful display of what it can “really DO” – prices have gone up a little!! Ah well, your such a good representative of all things Guitar! On ya man! Keep us informed always! No matter the cost!!!

Alexander Koronczay says:

marty your channel is the full package

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