Guitar Pedal to Metal – SAVAGE OVERDRIVE | SpectreSoundStudios REVIEW

Taking a look at the Savage Overdrive from Airis Effects
This is quite possibly one of the best sounding overdrive pedals I’ve ever used. Handmade in Canada, with a two year warranty, this thing is killer for metal tones!



I’m planning on picking up a bass in a few weeks. Do you have any advice for an extreme starter? Also, I take your criticism as advice as to not what to act like in terms of being a bassist. Thanks.

Dustin Bannister says:

Thank you for the info, gonna have to check this pedal out.  A lot cheaper than the TSHW, though that will probably make it’s way into the collection either way, after all it is a collection.

matthewlagrange3000 says:

The world’s only cranky Canadian. Cheers

sandy Lucker says:

would you take the savage, brutal, or an mxr berserker or something like it

Benji Figueroa says:

Hi Glenn, I was wondering if you’ve ever tried internal drum mics so cymbals are more isolated. I’d love a review on those from you. I’d also like to know if its better to let the drums fully resonate while recording. Thanks in advance!

BlackMetalRebellion says:

Hey Glen, love the series you’ve got going. Informative and hilarious m/

I was wondering if you’ve ever checked out the Randall Satan amp head and if you could do a review in the future??? 😀

Also, have you ever recorded any what is known as “Slam” aka “Slamming Death Metal” bands? If so, which ones?

Would be awesome to know thanks man!!!

Davis Newiger-Walberg says:

That pedal is killer! Also, what kind of cymbals are those? They sound great!

Josh Grant says:

Please do an episode on the Atomic Amplifire! really considering buying it, but what are your thoughts on it’s modelling capabilities?

shandou says:

As someone whose bullshit sensors are pretty sensitive, I love this channel’s no-nonsense honest attitude enough to keep checking back every week! Is there any chance we could see a bit more “behind the scenes” videos on recording? I’m not asking to share every step, just a general idea, how a real recording session works. I’ve never even gotten near to a real studio and it would be nice to know what to expect should my band decide to finally hit it. How do you start a recording? Does it start with guitars? Drums? Oh-god-no-the-bass? Tips would be also nice how (not) to behave during recording both as a musician and as a sound engineer. Cheers!

Harry Turunen says:

You managed to make superior sound!

Edoardo Curatolo says:

Sounds quite good (and looks awesome!)

rascal1717 says:

Would be veeerrrryyyy interesting to see a shootout between the Savage Drive and the new Fortin Grind pedal…they seem to do a similar effect

Fabian Pilinski says:

i am a aspiring bass player can you give me some tip’s how not to be Nikki sixx and be more like cliff Burton.
thanks  in addvance.

Cade Allen says:

Is that a Neil Peart snare?

TwhDrummer13 says:

When a band comes into your studio do they have to bring there own mics for vocals, drums, guitar, et cetera or do they use the mics you have? Sorry if this is stupid question, just starting to figure out all this recording stuff.

jonus enger says:

Hey Glenn! Love every one of your videos and and big fan. That pedal sounded really great and i have looked more into it and possible will be getting one very soon. But i wanted to ask you something. I know your view on bassist and holy fuck its true! But i play guitar here but i still love to pick up a bass every now and then. But what i wanted to ask is can you do a review on bass pedals? Id like if you did the blower box by idiotbox effects that catches the bass sound of blacky from voivod. (which is one of my favorite bassist) Any other pedal will do, id just like to see what pedals are actually usable for the bass and the shit for brains holding it ofcourse not knowing what to do. Thanks very much-Jonus

Tiger Blood 1978 says:

Hello Canadians you guys have come a looong way from Celine Dion and Nickelback! This and the Rev Gen? Holy Shit! Keep kicking ass, greetings from the states. I’ll be ordering my Savage drive soon.

P.S. please don’t blame the people if one of our idiot “leaders” starts WW 3. 🙂

J. 'PropTail' Stormer says:

Which Legator model is that? I’m digging that spec quite a ton.

euronomous segovia says:

Ima buy this shit, makes the 5150 pop out over the drums even more.

travpug says:

You’re actually a pretty skilled guitar player.

Renegade Smith says:

I like how he laid it down over a distorted channel. Thanks for doing that!…. Many other videos cling to the clean channel.

Dylan Elers says:

What about like a How Not To Suck At Guitar? Or something like that

T00BR00TAL4YOU says:

Scooped mids: JUST SAY NO

Adam Rainstopper says:

BEST clean-boost in the world: Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic. The rhythm channel gain goes to about 11 o’clock before it gets dirty, no clipping diodes, separate bass and treble controls, and with the bass down a bit, trebles up some, rhythm channel gain at 10-11 o’clock, rhythm channel volume pegged, it tightens the fuck out of the signal on the way in, and it has enough clean drive to easily push any master-volume amp into “modern” high-gain chugging (sorry, “chugging” is SO 2010, I know you kids call it “djent” now). I would make a demo video, but in reality, every video on my channel is a demo of it, clean boosting an amp ……(what amp? you wouldn’t believe me if I told you). The “lead” channel is only usable for some really vintage fuzz-tone lead stuff, and I don’t really like it as a dirt box in front of a clean amp either, but as a clean-boost, I will love it until I am dead.


Would you recommend this over the ts9 ?

Zakk Wylde says:

+SpectreSoundStudios Hey Glenn,

What’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a bassist?

 The vacuum cleaner has to be plugged in to suck.

blake giroux says:

Hey Glenn, you should check out the Precision Drive by Horizon Devices. it will tighten up your botten end and keep everything super tight. It even has a built in noise gate. It is on preorder right now but it is worth giving it a look!

Javier Alvarez says:

Have you checked the doomsday delay pedal?

JornO says:

What’s the background song?

ZombicidalMan says:

“… human drummers are just far more interesting than samples.” Human drummer proceeds to play the most generic metal drum beats, lmao

Vladislav says:

Hey Glen, awesome videos as usual. I am curious if you could explain what type of delay you have going on, it sounds awesome and supporting the tone, rather then cluttering it like a lot of guitarists are doing thees days. I have been using a TC Electronics Flashback for a while now and i really dig the tape delay. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

Patrick Emry says:

this will complement my ts808 ,i love how you can get rid of some of the high end fizz with the tight control,i wonder if i can come up with a mod or one exsists to be able to add the same type of control to the ts808

Senior Metal says:

While i do agree with Rule #2 I have found another exception that blows even most guitarists away, Billy Sheehan! Oh my fucking lord!?! (and yes that is you glenn)

MeTuLHeD says:

Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro…pretty please with sugar on top…???

Javier Alvarez says:

Can you do a review of some of the new Airis Effects pedals? Thanks! Love the channel!

Jesse Johnston says:

Any chance of an overdrive shootout?

ransisua says:

Glenn, you said you have to go into your car to check your mixes. But what do you think of ARC System 2 for room correction?

Houston Hilburn says:

This pedal has the most edgelord name ever

Bob Joseph says:

Hey Glenn, What is your opinion on the band Periphery

Jesse Belanger says:

The brutal drive is a bodenhammer bloody murder. The savage drive is a original circuit by Rick.

Nasty Shit Fan says:

Hey, could you by chance make a video about Djent in the near future??

mrpositronia says:

I want one of these pedals!

Harry G says:

Hi Glenn, i’m very new to recording and unfortunately am limited to Superior Drummer 2 and amp sims however i get a really sick tone in guitar rig 5 but when i double track it it sounds like dog shite. I only have 2ms delay and i am using Sennheiser pc350 headphones. When i use Bias desktop it eliminates the weird wavy sound that GR5 gives but for some reason i cant get even a decent tone on Bias. Plz help. 🙁

Robert Osborne says:

Hey Glenn, could you say more about that reamp box you showed earlier?

offinthepines says:

Awesome dude! You said you were going to do some lead work on some up coming demos and here it is. Now next time, try not to bury them completely in the mix. I believe in you Glenn! You give us middle aged rockers a voice, don’t underestimate yourself brother!!!
Beaucoups of love from the states!!!!

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