Guitar Pedal Review

Gear used in video:

– Fender Jaguar Classic Player HH

– Boss DS-1 Distortion

– Proco Rat 2 Distortion

– EHX Big Muff PI with Tone Wicker

– EHX Small Clone Full Chorus Pedal

– Peavey VYPER Modelling Amp

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teaganapril says:

one day im gonna learn how to use fucking pedals lmao, the settings are too complicated for simple minded me. i like the alien guitar pick you have btw. also ur such a nirvana fangirl lmao ‘kurt had all of these’ hahha <3

Keyman Stonurai says:

long live the D

EdgeColdblooded says:

cover some paramore songs plz (saw your poster in the background) xD

Victor Notarjacomo says:

Te amo <3
nice set of pedals

Graphikcreeper is dead, Seabass is reborn says:

What songs did she play at 2:19, 5:20 and 3:35?

Francisco Mansilla Daniele says:


Eric Harris says:

I just have the small clone and DS-1. I want that RAT! Great video btw.

Daniel Malone says:

What’s that daisy chain are you using? I need to get one cuz 9v yea lol
Anyways I have a tube amp. Marshall dsl 15c and my first pedal was a metal muff. Love it.
Next I got a hotrail put in my bridge and got a boss ds2 (Kurt used the ds1 but switched over to the ds2 after the ds1 broke and at the time the ds2 was cheaper where I live lol)
With those three things
1. Tube amp
2. Seymour Duncan hotrail in the bridge of my strat (modeled after kurts 1992 MTV music video awards strat)
3. Boss ds2 I can nail any nirvana distortion.
Later on I got a big muff. The original huge and I mean huge (it’s like the size of two or three boss pedals lol) black grey and red one I think it’s the New York big muff?
Anyways I find with the tweaking of the knobs I can get the big muff to sound identical to the boss ds2. Or vice versa. So anyone who can’t decide which to get id go with the boss ds2 over the big muff. Just cuz the ds2 has the super distortion option which I don’t use but hey more options more tones eh?
Keep jammin

My Smile Is A Riffle says:

How much it cost your electric guitar fender jaguar? 😀

Wade Yaeger says:


Seth Thomas says:

you need a board

Peroxides Poisons says:

Nice Tenacious D music

Filipe Vinícius says:

great video. although my english is not very good, I’d like more videos like this one.

Kiss from brazil :*

Breaking Awesome says:

I got the BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal for Christmas, I love it! This has been helped me think about what my next pedal will be. You should do more videos like this.

Rishiraj Sinha says:

that’s cool collection. I’m a nirvana fan too. love your work

Graphikcreeper is dead, Seabass is reborn says:

Nice Pumpkins riffs

Jay Low Dharma says:

intenta poner el small clone delante de las distorciones

Archivos Rock Chile says:

Nice pedal review 😉 you should check out this album and follow on Scloud. Greetings from SouthAmerica 🙂

Brad Patterson says:

$240 dollars for the big muff? I got mine for about £65 English pounds. As if it costs about 4 times as much where you got it from.

Angélique Croisetière says:

Omg Sarah you just clean up my head with your pedals, cause I really wonder to buy this things, but sincerely do you think buy a pedal is better than a application for pedals? Cause I don’t know what to choose, cause for sure pedals are more expensive, but I don’t know, is it more easy to just have a pedal? And wow it sounds really nice! 🙂

The Prime Planet says:

So cute! :3

Paper Prints says:

the big muff is my fav i have too, i have the original though, not sure of the difference

Yeah, Ostrovsky! Островский says:


jose ribamar oliveira júnior says:

What´s it´s name?

C Mark says:

Thank you. Very helpful!

Ivan Hahn says:


Robbie Roos says:

I fucking love u
U deserve much more credit

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