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Hey guys! Marty here again and it’s Thursday! That means it’s time for another Gear Video. Here, I cover the Fulltone OCD Overdrive Distortion Pedal. Hope you guys enjoy. Every Thursday, a new gear video right here at my channel “MartyMusic”

thanks again,


Jack 87 says:

Can someone help ? I use a Boss Blues Driver and as far as I can hear with the gain pretty much of and the level up it’s boosting with out adding any drive, if I was using a heavier gain pedal (say the OCD for example) and then turn the BD-2 on with those settings for a solo would it be adding more unwanted drive ?

Reuben Addington says:

Thanks Marty for the great tutorials and reviews, but what song are you playing at the start it sounds kick ass

Airman x says:

I want one!

Purple Haze says:

Hey Marty can I ask you a question? I haven’t lived in the States for a long time, I live in Europe and I’ve noticed quite a lot since the Youtube era began that almost everybody in the US that has a Fender guitar always goes for the Rosewood neck. Is there a reason?…I have one but my other two are Maple…just curious.

vdub Guy says:

Outstanding pedal. It’s my favorite on my board. Great playing!!

SickMetalAddict says:

You taught me back in 2009 Marty, and here I am 7 years later, a much better guitar player thanks to you!

Anxxufx1 says:

what about the joyo ultimate overdrive is it a good alternative?

David Ball says:

Marty, love the strat. I have a question. Is that the original paint? If not, wh

Jim Ruderer says:

My jaw is still on the freaking floor.

I’d seen a few of your videos, regarded you as a reliable player who knew how to handle the instrument, but was really a blues guy.

Which would have helped me eval the sound of this pedal, sure enough, even if my desired sound was more hard rock than anything else.

And we were having a good go at it, me watching you, you twisting knobs, sounds coming out, and a decent review unfolding before my eyes.

Then you fucking War Pigsed on me.

And I started going batshit.

Because you didn’t stop at War Pigs. You kept on pushing Marty Trilby Schwartz into Tony Goddamned Iommi, then into Angus Motherloving Young, back into Marty WTF Pocket Was He Hiding All THAT In Schwartz.

You just sold a pedal, brother.


Dude your OCD sounds way more fuzzy than mine. Weird.

Sasha Bowers says:

can u do MXR 79′ custom badass

Ivan Cruz says:

MXR 78 Badass please!

Michael Zervas says:

Hey Marty Merry xmas man!
OCD over Boss MD ?

6 String Life says:

I had to decide between this and the TS9. I picked the TS, and I regret

coffeewaldo says:

Idk what version this is but mine had no gain so it had to go.

Trevor Hemby says:


LuukKlaren says:

Let’s get this absolute legend to 100k subs ASAP ! great video as always

AdrianVino says:

Dig your videos and the cool vibe.

I just bought this and not sure if I like it. Would you recommend this for a 50s/60s garage rock sound? I have never bought an Overdrive pedal pedal. Right now I have a Janus pedal, reverb, and delay…

any advice? thank you.

Tyler Keegan says:

Yo I ended up getting this for x-mas, I’m very happy with the pedal. Glad I picked the right one


Is this the pedal you used with your Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp?

Watch Review says:

Hey Marty, would you please make a video on how to play song 115 by elena siegman

Derek Jennings says:

Hey Marty, could you demo a pitch shifter/whammy pedal? Thinking about getting one for a Gilmour-like touch. Thanks as always

Alejandro Nava says:

Hey marty what is the name of the song playing in the intro of the video and can you please teach the song on youtube

Benjamin Maynard says:

Bro. Your a fucking guitar stud…..seriously. You really play well.

Sonja van Hoorebecke says:

Great demo – but added bonus not covered here –
One of the best things about the OCD is how it responds to dynamics. You can play with varying degrees of pick attack and it responds in epic fashion.
‘Tickle’ it and it can be quite tame – then, without changing settings, flay the living fuck out of your strings and the OCD grows teeth, hair, horns and a flick-knife. . Best pedal ever for that.

Igor Iduooops says:

Should I get the OCD and the big muff pedal? Awesome videos

jeff dubuque says:

I own the ocd its and great pedal you can get a lot of tones with it, and its made like brick shithouse.

Threepastcurfew says:


James Ball says:

Dope gear reviews, Marty! Do you recommend the OCD when going for Jerry Garcia tones, or the Tubescreamer?

Koen van Houten says:

Hi marty! Can you play on a blues harmonic? A lesson how to play and learn to play that would be awesome!

Yadira Bamaca says:

Flashback x4 please

Alessabdro Collareda says:

hi Marty. You are one of the best rewier. Can you rewiew a proco rat? Thanks man

skycarl says:

Nice demo on the wide range of this pedal Marty.. good stuff as always. Take care man.

Jordan Sanders says:

What do you think of the helix

Sweetpotato Johnson says:

Don Felder uses this pedal. Yep!

MazerRackhamX says:

What kind of strat is that?

Steve Napier says:

Great demo Marty!

David Ball says:

I may be repeating the same question. pardon me if I am. I would like to ask about the Red Strat. Is that original paint? If not what process did you use to repaint it?

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