Guitar Effects Pedals – Fuzz – Big Muff – Marty’s Thursday Gear Reviews

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Josh Brinkmann says:

I love the video Marty! But just to note, what amp settings are you using?

Wolfendoom says:

Watch out you don’t kill that guitar there

Jeff Campbell says:

Great tutorial Shwartzanator! I just went out and picked one of these up. Would love to see you out together a fuzz riff lesson series. Great channel though Marty!

Sam Goldman says:

Hey Marty, this was very helpful. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time on all of your various channels and I think you do a really good job explaining how to play. And by the way you sound amazing.

Alan McLean says:

Sold! Awesome demo.

stephenacamille says:

what song are you playing at 4:45 when you keep switching from clean to fuzz? I need to learn that!

Jddj Jdjd says:

Marty have you tried out the death by audio fuzz war?

Piglet says:

I have a new digital Vox VX II. Do you think it will do well with this pedal?

mtsn says:

this sounds way better than the fuzz face.

F IG says:

Oh that’s f*cking cool

Erol Germann says:

Lol/ The big Muff…! Merçi beaucoup .

hevroniavi says:

What happened to your shoe??? It has a hole!!

Eugene Sharapov says:

How does it work with a wah-wah pedal?

Sem Mes says:

is the sneaker a tribute to the “grunge” lol. love the new channel

mrshiney2 says:

Dont know if its true or not but heard….Santana used a Big Muff into a GK solid state at Woodstock. I thought this was interesting. I cant see it in the film but find it an interesting idea

Man Overboard says:

What song is this one? 8:10

liligman says:

I know they are classified as a fuzz, but tweaking them enough can get an OD and more high crunchy Dist

Tony Wilson says:


martin horsley says:

you rock mr marty

Clowers Hiball says:

1:10 , lost his pick in his guitar.

rythmosrythmos says:

very entertaining

ociledotarts says:

There’s one thing about this fuzz, only sound really good if you have a new strings.

ked bob says:

WE suck, but we’re improving with Marty.

Nicolás V.O. says:


sigmundfloyder says:

easy on the heritage man!

Tanner Trombley says:

Not going to lie Marty, you truly taught me all I know on guitar. Thank you for that!

podan toilet says:

love nirvana at 11:59

napukapu says:

00:08 WHAT IS THIS? So familiar!!!

Stan Powers says:

So, Marty – do these pedals work with Solid Sate amps (eg Fender Champion 40) – or do you really need tubes to appreciate the effects? Really love your channel by the way – both the gear reviews and the lessons – you are a gifted player and teacher.

neil groves says:

amazing intro Marty……awesome dude!!

Daryl says:

Very nice amp Marty, maybe you should talk a little about it. I’m very interested in getting one. I’ve heard great thing about them.

jpfan1992 says:

love boosting my muf with the 78 dist! kickass

slawek ce says:

I can’t stop smilling.:))

Макс Царь says:


Josh Moreno says:

stop making yourself look like a rock star. you suck

Jaime Peters says:

Hi, Marty. These Electro Harmonix pedals are pretty good. I use The Big Muff Pi and the Bass Clone for my bass. I doubt I’d ever use another manufacturer again.


wot guitah is dis?

CosmicBaconCat says:

Which do you guys think is better? The jimi hendrix fuzz face or the big muff?

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