Guitar Effects – Pedal Boards – Gino Matteo – Guitar Effects review pt 1

Gino’s stuff

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Jeff Kushmerek says:

Gino – what are the settings for your KOT?

Josue Cintron says:

That’s really nice playing Gino

Jeff Schuler says:

anyone having account problems?

Aaron Vigil says:

that little looper is sickk

Callum Simmons says:

His boues tone is very bonomossa ish

Jeff Kushmerek says:

sweet thanks! Time to loop some Phish!

nitemunky76 says:


Anders Løve Weymelka says:

yeah that would be nice to see an another view on how to play that song i have been playing it a bit of my own style 😀

ZIGgassedUP says:

Nice sounds from Gino.

Finn Demaco says:

That analogman tone at the start of the video is all any guitarist needs

Garrett Davis says:

Marty can you do a lesson on nobody knows you when you down and out?

Alfredo Mundarain says:


srvrip41 says:

No buffer?

Randell Tuttle says:

Great info.

John Smith says:

I’m subscribing solely because the dude mentioned Trey Anastasio. Enough said.

Purple Haze says:

Hey guys, Gino & Marty, what’s up? I’d like to get some feedback on an issue, if possible, which is – Where do you think Real Music is heading at the moment? I call Real Music anything from classical to jazz and funk to Rock n Roll/Blues etc in opposition to what i consider to be out of this category which is Rap/Hip Hop and Djs…this is “music” seldom or in no circumstance made with real actual mucicians and instruments…just to summarize music made with turntables, microphones and computers…I’m 48 and I remember a time when there was actually a much bigger market when it came to Real Music. Take care, Mike.

Bill Crispano says:

Super sweet playing Gino. Ill be buying your album for sure.

tedcharp says:


yamzy pants says:

picked up my first pedal today(ibanez ts9) :))))))

Graham Saunders says:

The end!

Alexis Sanchez says:

What exactly does a guitar pedal

BoboGino says:

Hey, Jeff… My settings vary for the most part depending on the stage… Here, my drives are basically dimed out and the volumes at around 2 o’clock. The tones are about 1 o’clock. 🙂

BoboGino says:

Niiiiiiiice 🙂

Sea says:

Gino’s tone sounded great in the beginning and I love the stuff he was playing. What was it?

Aaron Vigil says:

Big boy can play!

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