Gear Review: Electro-Harmonix “Iron Lung” Vocoder Pedal

Hey everyone!! I’m back!!!

This is my review on the Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder pedal! It’s a neat, indestructible real-time vocoder pedal. It works like a charm, sounds great – so see the video for yourself! Please comment, rate and subscribe if you liked the video and share your thoughts below!

See you guys next week with new segments!! Peace out m/

~ Mark Mayea (TheMetalMan1112)

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La Cajita de Música says:

Funciona para un bass?

Kamil Kowalczyk says:

Why 4/5? I give it top rating it’s do much fun! But I’m curious how it sounds on the overdriven channelingu and with other effects.

Iggytommy says:

I’m glad you have a sense of humour. 🙂

I gather 80s is back in fashion now.

It’s that how mettlers dress nowadays?

LoveStallion says:

Aluminum is a metal. You are correct on both counts.

Desmaad says:

Aluminum is a metal.

Michael Seternus says:

Nice review. The daft punk part was cool. I’ma buy this pedal now!

Darin Cates says:

Why does the audio always suck on audio gear related posts?
Cant hear you mumble, then speakers blow out when you finally play.

Nicolas chang tapia says:

Hello, with the pedal you can play frampton or bon jovi songs?

elchicoinvisible says:

No Bon Jovi? I feel cheated.

k___g___ b___ says:

“it is made out of die-cast aluminum or metal” lol WHAT IS ALUMINUM??

TriVos Ahren says:

when u get that pedal the first think that u do is damn theres no tone. than u will do “work it make it do it makes us”

Sven Jansen says:


Ant Man says:

7:00 and you’re only just now playing the pedal. Enough crapping on, no one needs to see you opening the box.

Manuel Perazzoli says:

sorry, after 25 seconds I’ve renounced

shawn shipstad says:

I think you should be doing other things. Reviewing gear is not working for you. I am being really nice right now. STOP. Go put a microwave burrito in the oven and fuck it. It would be more useful than another painful review. I think I can say thank you for all of man kind.

Zander says:

Is this a GearWire equipment review?

frovil says:

Best review I’ve seen of this pedal 😉

Julian Uriol says:

Very hypnotic roof fan (-.-)

john lukehart says:

who wants there voice to sound like some weird computer sound YUCK

Iggytommy says:

Interesting look you have there. It reminds me of a early/mid 80s camp homosexual jogger. :p

Fugue says:

can you use it without an amplifier?

Highlander Claymore says:

the vocoder is AWESOME!  🙂

bloozer666 says:

I am 36 and still make paper airplanes.

Chris Kane says:

was hoping to hear the extended version of ‘when i was young i made paper airplanes’

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