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Wanna know how to sustain yourself? Gamechanger Audio’s PLUS is a winning pedal from Latvia. The sleek PLUS sustain pedal is a new kind of audio processing engine that offers piano-style sustain in real time. Watch as Andy takes it for a spin.

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Andy’s Set-Up:

Amp: Suhr Bella 1×12
Guitar: Reverend Club King 290
Other pedals: Southhampton Indie Dream


Matt Johnson says:

What’s the name of the song he plays in the beginning? That sounds like Pink Floyd but I can’t place the name of the song!

Joshua Fox says:

I’m sure that if they decreased the price by ~$175 these things would be sweeping the market.
But there is no universe where they could convince me to pay $350 for one of these.

Rahadimas Samiaji says:

It is like.. real-time controllable reverb pedal

John Gerson says:

They should call this the “Gilmour/Wright Accompanist” or “Eugene Wishes You Were Here To Set The Controls For The Echos Of High Hopes In The War Dogs” Guess that’d be pretty hard to screen-print though. Love it! Want one!

hatuliko2009 says:

Bill Frisel would like this pedal and this demo! good on ya!

Erick Chicas says:

Hipster superego!

Ernest Fuentes says:

I’ve been looking for an in-depth, nuanced review of this pedal, and of course Andy does it brilliantly. The PLUS Sustain is really unique and offers a simple and natural sustain with a bunch of other dynamic features that can be used across a range of genres. Thanks Andy.

Daron Wittmayer says:

That Reverend sounds incredible

coldwar1977 says:

now this would be cool for playing Krautrock

SA2BRK1993 says:

What makes me interested is that wet switch.

John Sabourin says:

Now there’s a nice option.

Os Lopez says:

Cool pedal…

AllKeys JamTracks says:

When pianists and guitarists unite!

T- Hawk says:

Man, sounds like the Infinite Jets at times

Etienne says:

Very smart brand name.

Pau Josep Saracho Soler says:

Bill Frisell have just buy it. Sure.

Jeff Curran says:

What a cool pedal. Unique.

tubenshaft says:

+ Andy
I love your expression at 0:56. So nice, haha!

rckstr1123 says:

YES!!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! Do the plasma pedal by Game Changer next!!

mailvilla says:

Put a shine on those boots solder … LOL

Rob Walton says:

Oh look out “Shine on you crazy diamond” live at the Albert Hall, here I come. Great Demo!!!

Russell Timmins says:

Great pedal idea. Love the guitar by the way. What is it?

Christopher Federici says:

This is really, really cool. Dang.

Andrew Green says:


Mike McConville says:

Where can I get one of Andy’s invisible pics?

Dr. J. says:

best pedal that I ever had the pleasure of hearing! I’ve watch a lot of Guitar Pro Shop Dems and this pedal is penetrating my mind, it’s like the big bang my third Eye that wraps around my body and I get goos pimples… yea

Bob James says:

Ed O’Brien needs one

Chris & Sara Bruckner says:

Interesting pedal. Terrible name.

BenFairbank says:

I want someone to demo this with a B9 in the loop

Mikaël Cardin says:

Send of those to Bill Frisell, please.

Bob Boitt says:

Andy kicks ass!

izel mori says:

I’ve been dreaming about this pedal for ages!

kimbiwa says:

Okay, I watch most, if not all of these demos. THAT pedal is one of the coolest, most interesting musical pedals yet. I will definitely own one of these! I would think a solo artist would really find some amazing things that they could accomplish with this pedal. Very cool! Great demo as always. Bet it was fun to make.

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