Game Changer Audio Plasma Pedal

Ryan messes around with his brand new Plasma Pedal by Game Changer Audio

Game Changer Audio Plasma Pedal –
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BlueTitan7 says:

Sounds like a mothafuckin wrecked connection, then again I suppose all those nu metal idiots will love it ahahahah.

Iamadroid says:

Holly rice crispies. They want 299. For that thing?


What a waste.

TheHarmonicPulse says:

That is a BEAUTIFUL, FUCKING COOL, looking pedal. I dig the dirt too. Gamechanger lives up to their name yet again.

Yoshi_Dino_Kiddo says:

This sounds like something Trent Reznor or King gizzard would use.

Worm says:

it sounds wack i probably wouldn’t use it for my main project but i’d probably use it for some noise project

Bietel Zelf says:

Man I love your videos and you’ve got some cool guitars that I’m in love with… but this isn’t one of them 🙂

Vuurius says:

That gate is terrible! It’s just a shit pedal with a shit sound but it looks cool with the lightning tube… sorry but I go for sound instead of a gimmick

Catholic Catheter says:

My god…this pedal is fucking trash. Its truly a gimmick.

Mark Leon Tanner says:

I have a better name… Expensive shit box…

BobH says:

All electronic devices should have that tube.

Lucas Munoz says:

This pedal is innovative, but man does it suck. I wonder how much experimentation it’d take to really make it work/shine. I hope it doesn’t have a patent so that other brands can have a shot.

bob klose says:

Awful….horrible……what more can I say?

Mark Daniel says:

I am sorry… I give anyone an A for effort and trying…. however not for me!

David texas says:

Adam Jones is using this pedal on the tool album

Pumpkinbros says:

this pedal is absolutely terrible in tone, yet absolutely bad ass to watch

Neon_man909 says:

is it a crime if i say it sounds like pants

Junky Master says:

badass !

Meme Boi says:

Atleast it’s better than a metal zone

Hayden B says:

I don’t understand why anybody would like this sound, it sounds like dying bugs

AudioBootlegs says:

Maybe through the right cab with the right amp and EQ, such a cool concept but sounds like a bad wolfmother demo.

Brian Byrne says:

lmao @ all of the nerds.

Jonathan Gillis says:

Seems more of a fuzz pedal. None the less cool! Thank you for posting!

Winston Wolfe says:

Kylo Ren and Jack White will love it!

Jan Patrician says:

I love all the mad purists in the comments section. This shit sounds like nothing else on the market right now

Josh Young says:

I like it as a once in a while effect or novelty but I can see how it would be an acquired taste.

probjection says:

fuzz + noise gate

Adrian 1138 says:

I love distortion and fuzz. This is an awesome-looking pedal that unfortunately sounds very unmusical.

AudioBootlegs says:

Ps maybe pump a Tubescreamer through it to give it a more compressed and stronger signal and then do LIGHT clipping with the plasma? Plenty of useful applications and things to try (which I bet old mate here did try in his free time).

Harrison Berry says:

This sounds like deep fried asshole

Aron Kovacs says:

Sounds like ehx germanium od

DAN Ramirez says:

Is it just me or does this sound like a real shitty pedal?

Honey Bucket says:

The best thing about this pedal is how upset it makes these Dad rockers. Don’t worry, boys. I’m sure there will be 10 more Tubescreamer and Klon clones coming out at the next NAMM for you to enjoy!

Meme Boi says:

Doesn’t sound that good imo but it sure is a unique pedal

Khaled Jamal says:

I’m sorry but it’s awful pedal

Paul michael says:

Sounds like ass.

TL R says:

Interesting stompbox. In my opinion it’s like an OD,Distortion and fuzz pedal all rolled up in one. Doesn’t really impress me. The crackling sound would drive me freaking crazy!! I get this queasy bad connection vibe. But cool demo.

Gemba says:

You can do some pretty potato quality black metal with that thing

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