Fulltone OCD Pedal – Gear Review

In this video we go over the Fulltone OCD pedal. Awesome pedal that I really like. You can check out Fulltone’s pedals at http://www.fulltone.com/pedals

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Utsab Gurung says:

are u using a strat for this demo?

Data Masked says:

HP (high peak)/LP (low peak) are compression settings. Higher distortion tones by nature are being compressed inside the amp. LP is a setting ideal for higher gain applications. HP is for cleaner passes which tend to have more variable instantaneous peaks in the output–HP smoothes those out. Also HP can act as if it is a clean boost.

Paul Barican says:
Variksenlento says:

You’re talking about Les Paul but you’re holding a Strat. So, which was the one you were playing?

Ben Weis says:

Could you use this as a low gain boost for amp overdrive? I have an orange and like it but would like it a little more marshally.

Devin Nunez says:

Isnt hp and lp for high pass and low pass filters not output volume?

timeflies says:

What amp are you using?

Fabrício Lara says:

Nice review! I’m from Brazil and I was curious about the sound of this one! Thanks

The Modern Savage says:

Tele through a Fulltone OCD in the left channel in this track.
The Modern Savage – 4th of July

pearl blues says:

That Strat is a beauty!

penguin99ify says:

There’s a dozen pedals on the market that sound as good as this one. The review was OK, just the pedal wasn’t anything to write home about.

Alvin s says:

Thank you..But something missing in this video.Where is the Amazing Black cat..ha–ha

Oscar R says:

I can hear your strings

magicguitarpedal says:

and it has a nice dpdt click also. 

Tom McDonald says:

Sometimes the recordings for these promos are poor at best. I am a huge Fender amp fan and own several but the clean tone of this Fender wasn’t that good, which made the OCD sound poor. I own an OCD and this recording did not do it justice.

Wal Thompson says:

In regard to the somewhat under-articulated description here of what the hp/lp switch does, here’s a C & P from Fulltone’s manual.

“HP/LP switch:
Set to HP (High Peak) you get increased increased distortion throughout the Drive Knob‘s range, more volume, and a slight increase in the midrange (between1-2 Khz) for more of a “British” vibe (ala Vox and Marshall)
Set to LP (Low Peak) you get incredible accuracy to the original sound of your Guitar and amp…very little coloration! Excellent for Clean Boosting, for cranked Blackface or Tweed-style ones, and for when you’re not going for a British type sounds”

Redwood Original says:

I dont know if i should get this or the custom audio electronics boost/overdrive

ckjjclan says:

Great pedal. Friend has it, he goes out to grab a beer and comes back and I am always plugged into his pedal board!

tds1396 says:

whats the name of the song being played at the beginning?

Mirko Burroni says:

you could mic the amp for better quality but good anyway

Cue Zephyr says:

Shame about the hype. I really like the tone of the v3. Great demo, cheers!


Nice review.  OCD is a nice dirt pedal.  You should do a review on the Vox Garage Tone V8 Distortion pedal.  I feel you might enjoy that circuit.

Mox_au says:

Don Felder’s overdrive pedal of choice.

D Farr says:

Aerosmith rocks

Stan Dominguez says:

I briefly tried the OCD pedal at the NAMM show in Anaheim this past weekend. The vendor happened to have it connected to an amplification unit he was demonstrating. I was very impressed with the pedal and now with you video demo. I’m going to pick one up. Thanks for the demo.

Brett Skywalker says:

Single Coil and Humbuckers not Strat and Les Paul. Somehow a lot of people forget there are more than two electric guitars in the world quite often.

Jaik Cooper says:

do you have any vids of stacking with the ocd?

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