Friedman Motor City Drive Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Nick Bowcott presents the Friedman Motor City Drive pedal. The Friedman Motor City Drive pedal puts the touch-sensitive breakup of a Friedman tube circuit on your pedalboard. To achieve the level of response and chewy overdrive Friedman amps are known for, the company placed a 12AX7 preamp tube in the circuit of the Motor City Drive. Running at 220 volts, this tube imparts your tone with everything you love about a great cranked amp. And while it’s not a micro design, for a tube-driven pedal, the Friedman Motor City Drive will fit comfortably on most pedalboards.

Get the Friedman Motor City Drive pedal here:


x7stringinJSCx says:

if we wanted to watch someone talk for hours we would watch the reviews that EytschPi42 does…. Nick…. take lessons from Don.. Quit talking so much and just Play the Pedal. Move the knobs around and show us what it does. Quick and to the point.

musicwwwalk says:

Bla bla bla

Jacob Hartman says:

They aren’t exactly high gain amps, but aren’t the eq sections of Dumble amps pre-gain? I understand most amps have it post gain and I see the logic but I feel like that may have been too big of a generalization there. Not that it really matters just thought it was worth mentioning.

Ken McMahon says:

This pedal is a tough one to demo for the reason of how it interacts with different amps. You need to eq the amp to it. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it, and am able to get a very smooth Eric Johnson/Allan Holdsworth legato tone. Nick is doing a great job showing it on rock/metal rhythm, but I feel this pedal shine’s more in the single note department. I own a lot of gear, and can say this is the best tube pedal I’ve used.

Maz Klassa says:

brilliantly presented demo, all the necessary and relevant info provided. Will be sure to get one of these.

Craig Flowers says:

I WOULD love it, if it weren’t for the grime collecting slits.

Damon Stewart says:

God sweetwater is great as well as Friedman & Nick…..but why oh why do guitarist scoop miss??? it’s a display of inexperience because YOU WILL NOT be heard over drums,bass,vocals & keys…please people DO NOT scoop you mids

peter svidersky says:

I have those same pants

Juan C. Hernandez says:

@Sweetwater – My personal opinion: I was looking forward to your review on this line of pedals, but I am a bit disappointed. While I find Nick Bowcott can be entertaining. I think Don Carr’s more varied playing style, and ability; provides a better platform for product demos. No disrespect meant in any way. Please keep up the great content.

The Last_Saint says:

Mr. Bowcott, you are a hero to all lefties who grew up on 80’s Metal!!

TheBhannah says:

thats a fine demo of some cool gear

Peter Marriott says:

People, if you a want a short review just press L on your keyboard until Nick starts playing.

bigbluesigh says:

Best sweetwater video ever !!!!!! Thanks

TheTruthseeker707 says:

Very nice reviewer.

TheMetal036 says:

This a marty friedman pedal?

Brian Cullen says:

The trouble is that the signal goes in at point squat of a watt gets fattened to 220V gets shrunk back to point squat of a watt again. It will never replace the high power amp tube path signal strength and timbre principals. Just expensive boxes on the floor. I have too many already!
Having said that – for a pedal it sounds good against all the competition out there.

betterthandead ohyea says:

like this guy!

Jd Shanz says:

Great video. Well articulated.

VoiceOfGood says:

Where did they find this bloke?

rrguitar1 says:

I enjoyed the review and happen to like Nick doing the demo. I don’t understand all the criticism here.

So Myung Jung says:

OMG so much talking
Anyway, great pedal.

Just Facts says:

too much bla bla, I go through videos like employers go through cv’s

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