Friedman BE OD & Sir Compre Pedal Demo

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Lee & Rob

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Jake Adelman says:

7:34 audiogasm herrmagad

Rick Danner says:

how much for that lue tele guitar?

bohdilama says:

Watch the Pete Thorn demo video, way better.

Alexis Alescio says:

wow big big sound

thearoom says:

The key to getting all the fuzz outa the BE is the internal trim pot. Back it way off and its more controllable.

Bolbi Stroganovsky says:

” when you play the chord it is like RAWR RAWR ” ROB CONFIRMED EMO XD RAWR

lastinline bruce says:

you guys FUCKIN TALK too much

Fanta15296 says:

that question’s probably stupid, but I’m new to pedals and such. I heard great things about the BE OD and I might consider getting myself one, but I really don’t know if that would make much sense when I’m already using the gain on the overdrive channel from my blackstar ht5r amp. or would it be a good idea to turn the gain down there and rely on the pedal’s gain? plus, I’m also using the precision drive overdrive pedal and wonder how it would sound combined with the BE OD.


I like the amps and this overdrive pedal seems to capture much of the magic if you require your filth on tap.

Ash Young says:

Hey guys, I don’t know if it’s has been mentioned in the comments but there is an internal overall gain knob that you can totally dial in or out how much gain you desire. cheers,, Ash Young

Horst Jedlika says:

riddle metaphore:
One-legged waltz in the brown saloon

EC Tron says:

I don’t care for that 80s Marshall sound. It’s not good, like Gibson guitars.

David Draper says:

Rob be od or jhs andy timmons? What would you prefer and Why?

sbdstudent says:

Great pedal. I documented my modification to get the internal trim potentiometer outside the case.

Granville Friel says:

PT stands for pink taco !!

Thorpenator says:

Electro Harmonic has something similiar, lmao, most of their over drives color the sound, and try reducing the volume of the guitar, pedal does not reduce in gain, they sck, Friedman is amazing.

# ROOT says:

Brown Eye goodness ( hee~hee) you’re crazy lol. Nice tones out of those great info on the creator also.

Leonardo Musal says:

great sound…….cool

hazman n says:

those might be perfect for pop punk. crank up all the gain and thats it

ZenArcade says:

Great riffing from the captain !

Eduardo Simoes says:

Just tried it with an 3w Blackstar amp.
Sounded awesome!

john pierson says:

Dave Friedman is a down to Earth man from the planet Tone! His mission is to help us mere mortals have access to some of the best sounds and equipment on our planet. He is accomplishing his mission! These pedals are great!

Bruzz Boe says:

Ihave the friedman amp and i can tell you now the pedals sound nothn like the real thing i mean nothn

Glauber Joe says:

BE-OD is NOT a Plexi pedal, it’s an JCM800/2000 HI Gain! I’ve tried the BE OD and it is just another JCM800 in a box, nothing plexi there, too much drive (compressed as F***), too much mids (no Mid eq), my Tech 21 is way better and way cheaper. People claim that the BE OD is like the BE amp but it is nothing the amp at all, it doesn’t ever clean up using the knob like a real amp. Too expensive for another metal pedal IMO.

Jimmy D. says:

These pure shitty pedals are damn close to those crap ass pedals from Shitner, you know the guy that is from Germany? LOL. NO i mean boggyner. the harlem, the savoy, and the berkley, you know to make it sound like it wasn’t made of plastic

silver says:

chappers at leastplay van halen with it, your noodling became so damn boring

Jimmy D. says:

Also shameful you put such over the top overloaded gain tones to make an example. HOrrendous. Yeah, it’s like being a smoker w cancer listening to that shitty demo chap.

fabrizio peretti says:

Serious-lee? amazing pedal

Jason says:

Why dont you put the pedal through a budget amp to show what it can do??

Jimmy D. says:

Great close out jam though!!! rock on……..

Michael Ward says:

Damn that compression pedal has a little drive behind it very nice

eli4s says:

Are there any similar/comparable pedals to the BE OD? I am looking for a powerful high gain sound.

imsuckingwind says:

Captincappers you guys got to stop making want to buy pedals you review. These pedals sound awesome BTW

Esben Solgaard says:

Research flat earth and the NASA moon landing hoax.

Uwe Tittmann says:

This Friedman BE OD pedal is just fantastic. Almost nothing better, maybe just a Marshall Amp….

Bums Harvest says:

Rob is one hell of a guitar player, but I’d rather listen to Lee playing guitar any day of the week. Lee has a cool style, whereas Rob is a hot-dog.

Rolteus says:

You guys don’t make all those flashy hand movements when you play like many British players do. Thank you. Excellent review guys you can really hear the pedals through a great amp played by guitar players. Ordered the BE-OD pedal today but unfortunately not from you!! Thanks again!! P.S. The pickups on that PRS are JUNK!!!

Jimmy D. says:

the smallest lil amp the pink TACo, is better than the drive pedal. You’re right and shameful to not compare the pt 20 to the pedal.


The ComPtortion pedal..

RLMUD says:


SgtPowerWeiner says:

Ya’ll have had the pink taco for forever and have yet to make a video about it!

setecordas says:

Oh so good.


Is that the 58 Les Paul Lee?

Jay Diamond says:

Just brought one today. WOW..The BEsT..

Aravis says:

will this sound good as well if i just have a cheap solid state amp with a decent clean channel?

Eze Merlino says:

If I’m using the BE-OD, what would be a good pedal to boost the volume for leads ?

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