Fender Santa Ana Overdrive Pedal Review – Is it Groundbreaking?

This is my full and honest review of the new Fender Santa Ana overdrive pedal. These are good sounding pedals but do they really do anything we haven’t heard already? Let’s find out!

Grab on online here – https://amzn.to/2ChCcBG (affiliate link supports the channel)

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Carl Silva says:

Want this pedal!


Sadly, nothing extraordinary about this pedal. It sounds ‘ok’ to me, thats all. Nothing more.

Ale S says:

Nice. And sweet intro tho.

alecboyyes says:

Did you cover the A/B voicings? Is there much difference?

rockerz57 says:

Sure sounds better to me than the ‘Drive and More Drive’ on their Hot Rod series. Maybe they should build this into those amps.

KozmykJ says:

I don’t mind the price being high for something made in China as long as that higher price is reflective of it’s build quality and quality control.
I’d not be surprised to see some of these boutique makers move over to Far East production as the demand for their wares rises beyond their own capacity to produce. It’s happened with guitars, PRS for example, it’s happening with pedals.
At the other end of the scale; I buy a lot of stuff made in the Far East and I have to accept that when I’m paying a crazy low price it’s because costs have been kept to a rock bottom minimum and QC is an obvious area to make economies.
I await with interest your reviews on the rest of the range and to discover the identity of the one you don’t like…

alwaysrockn2009 says:

That was some wicked-sweet paying! Rock on.

Matt Burdock says:

Can’t wait to hear your review of the distortion pedal! (Blend control looks cool). This pedal was ok but the design is cooler than the tone for sure.

Matt Gilbert says:

Looks great.
When you plugged in the Strat, the penny dropped.
It’s just a hot-rodded tube screamer.
$300? NFW

Bj Fornash says:

Loved it, very versatile and great sound. Works great with all your pickup configurations.

Wes Barber says:

Love it! One of the most dynamic OD I’ve heard so far. Well done, sir. Well done Fender.

Simon Sinclair says:

Hi Shane, does the drive boost up the volume level as well?

Ginger Taylor says:

why cant the makers of big pedals put the input and output jacks on the top side of the unit ? that way you can get them closer together on a small board

Dave Byron says:

Oh, just one more thing, Fender did make padels in the early to mid 80’s. I use to have a parametric eq, it was in a white housing and did sound pretty good at that!

Nick Name says:

Dude, can you review Danelectro Spring King?

intheblues says:

I give you my thoughts on this pedal at the end of the video. Premium prices (at least here) for a Chinese made pedal. What are your thoughts on this? That said, it’s a beautiful looking pedal and maybe one of the best I have seen in recent times – that enclosure really rocks.

Fred Nielsen says:

Two left thumbs up… sounds awesome! The Strat was really dialed in nicely


$319AUD at Musos Corner :/

Peter Schmidt says:

Nice looking pedal. If your amp only has the one channel, then this is perfect for that with the distort & boost functions. Sounds a bit raspy when you go past 12 o’clock – but if that’s what you’re after. With so many pedals out there, it’s really cruising the higher end of the market.

ThisIs ReadyMade says:

$200 for a pedal that so many other pedals do better? Nah.

Todd Flowers says:

Smokin’ play in this demo !

Craig Fussell says:

Pretty sweet pedal with lots of tonal options! Not sure it sounds any better than the other hundreds of overdrive pedals out there though…

Dave Byron says:

Great & informative video as always. I’m new to sending comments because I’m always gigging, or preparing for gigs, so that’s why I like your videos because tell the truth! For myself, I’m putting together a series of videos called Real live gigs, to spot light what gear really sounds like & how the gigging world is really like, hope you will enjoy them. Again, great video Shane & keep up the great work!!!

toetappin bob says:

Thumbs up for your awesome and comprehensive (as always) demonstration Shane.

Thumbs down to buying this Fender product. Nothing seems wrong with the effect… the pedal played nicely with all your guitars… just feel like Fender are jumping in quickly and thoughtlessly to get potential sales.
(nothing wrong with a company doing that… just would have liked more R&D and originality from a really wealthy company who have been pioneers in design, and bought us some of the best instruments ever)

Cheers Shane.

Ofer Shragay says:

The Santa Ana has a buffer (~100$) hence the higher price

Mario Caine says:

really cleaver pedal, not so cleaver price for where it’s built

Ron Mercer says:

Sounded great with the Tele. The volume control response is very cool.

VoxPathfinder15R says:

Sounds good, but I am at the point where I ask myself – how many different ways can you truly clip a signal and overall eq/voice a pedal? At this point I’d say purchasing a drive pedal should have more to do with ergonomics, what features does it incorporate that you need, like a presence? And most importantly – how quiet is the pedal, how low is the noise floor?

Tim Brannen says:

Sound is good but I can buy a hand-wired MIA boutique pedal for that price. It’s a decent $120 US pedal, not a $200 US pedal.

Nicolas Fossé says:

When I heard made in China I ‘ve stopped the video . Not meaning it’s crap because it’s made there but I rather prefer to pay for the good job of my homeland artisan for even a bit less money but more personality ( Furicane pedals )

- - says:

Careful with that Les Paul….it’s gonna be worth a small fortune in your country soon lol

IPushHard says:

Sounds good, but I think I’ll just get the Caline Crazy Cacti at less than half the price and call it good.
Something that the Fender and the Caline have in common? They are both made in China, but only one of them admits to it. : )

felzm zm says:

great demo!

Terry Rogers says:

Would you take this or the OCD if you had to choose?

Jimmy Wijaya says:

Just from the comments, looks like many of your followers are bitter low end gear users.

Ruiseart Alcorn says:

Great demo Shane. I really like this pedal!

Gunkanjima says:

Better be groundbreaking. Twice as expensive as the Pugilist Distortion, which I find to be superb with the blend mode

Barak Ronen says:

i have been watching gear videos since 2007 and i want to retire this addiction due to the fact that everything sounds the same thing.

Robby Suter says:

Is it just me or is the Pugalist distortion WAY better sounding and costs half the price ? LOL

kingstumble says:

I agree. Most OD pedals are much of a muchness. The only ones which appear to offer something a bit different are the new J Rockett Archer Rockaway and Melody(Mark Lettieri) pedals.

Paul B says:

High price (£160 currently in the UK, $199 in the US) for a pedal that is competent but nothing special. You’re paying premium for the branding.

bushibayushi says:

Love the rock intro ;). You should play like this more often Shane. Great stuff.

H Kay says:

The Pugilist does a pretty mean overdrive too.

Boxcar Stewart says:

Cool OD! I could use that bit of EQing with my Princeton. My current OD just isnt doing it for me anymore.

DMSProduktions says:

Pretty good! Got some nice organic crunch! Nah, NOTHING new. I’ll STICK to my $90 BEHRINGER Valve OD!

Price is for the name, typical Aussie ARSE rape territory!

Erik Dodd says:

$179 at Sweetwater

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