Fender Guitar FX Pedals – New For 2018 & We Liked ‘Em!

Captain Lee and Danish Pete check out a bunch of brand new “Grea-ffordable” pedals from Fender!

Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal – https://goo.gl/W88XQ8

Fender Santa Ana Overdrive Pedal – https://goo.gl/Udn2DG

Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal – https://goo.gl/mJWvWv

Fender Mirror Image Delay Pedal – https://goo.gl/TQWrtk

Fender The Bends Compressor Pedal – https://goo.gl/kJqxG2

Fender Level Set Buffer Pedal – https://goo.gl/j32V7K

Here’s the demo we did at NAMM with the inventor of these pedals! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ1P7dUUEH8

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David Wilkin says:

Have you ever considered a ” gig” demo? As in what stuff is like in a full on band set up…dunno f that is poss ?

jinx0192 says:

What is the guitar Capt Lee is playing? Anyone know the model? Thanks in advance.

Neko T says:

A sugestion, why not a video like “tour and history of anderton”? Would be nice!

ElixZilla says:

That was the oddest rendition of All My Life at 12:10

Jochen says:

Lee has grown so much in his playing. I sense Danish Pete had something to do with it 😛

hiro progatonist says:

how does the Santa Ana sound on bass?

Jeff Sims says:

I wish the guy in the green sweatshirt would keep his nervous fingers off of Lee’s pedals. I can’t tell what’s going on!

Jeff Ward says:

That Reverb sounds ACE

Charlie 234 says:

OH MY GOD, THIS DANISH PETE IS THE MOST EMBARRESING PERSON ON YOUTUBE. He has ABSOLUTELY no sense of humour. Problem is he thinks he is SOOOO funny. Remove him and bring back CHAPPERS!!! He made this channel.

Cortland Goff says:

God damn, Lee’s made alot of progress as a lead player.

pd4165 says:

Production Suggestion.
Reference time for each effect.

The Bird says:

Great video guys. Did you go to the pub before you shot it? You 2 were having so much fun

Jeremy Kopatz says:

I literally lost it laughing at the buffer joke and then again at 12:04 when you maxed the gain. My funny bone was crushed in this video lol

Tone Fingerz says:

played a tele for the 1st time yesterday unplugged. may be the best feeling guitar ever. and the is a toyish feeling strat with the yellowish fretboard. prolly the easiest playn guitar ever

Eskil Sæter says:

Not sure why you bothered to light the set – Those LEDs could probably have done fine on their own. Pedals sound good though 🙂 But it’s weird how they made a dual drive distortion pedal with just the one switch. Would be great to be able to turn A and B on and off separately.

Sean Dowling says:

Worth watching for 12:05 !!!

C. R. Ryan says:

Santa Ana is indeed in California. Its a city in Orange County, near where Fender was founded in Fullerton. Also VERY close to where you were at Namm.

Dave Hendricks says:

No rob just not the same.

Sam Iam says:

Fender’s getting it right, while Gibson defaults and fails! PS: HAM radio ops. still use morse code, but, Pete’s right no-one else uses it anymore tho.

Les Lane says:

…mute tinny…

theprisonier says:

A buffer non buffer true bypass video with câble test please.

Not me says:

We need more Pete. He’s such a great player. Please put him in more videos.

MrTimewaster1969 says:

Why is Danish Pete trying to take over Andertons ?

Jay Schlink says:

And here I thought that little table was made of duct tape. Who knew!?

Tom Yates says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the “grea-ffordable” gag?

Zodiac Garden says:


TheMWaWesome says:

Holy intro jam

Dragon. says:


John Mick says:

great video, i like that you guys are on top of the new fender pedals. going for the distortion pedal, sounds great. been watching for a long time, mostly for the laughs!

Wesley Zimmerman says:

Well, you definitely can’t complain about not being able to see the LED lighting up on these pedals

Victor Seager says:

Reading the description (on your website) of the buffer pedal, it suggests that it is not just a buffer, but actually keeps unity between instruments to avoid different levels between humbucker and single coil. It would have been interesting to see this aspect demo’d. If it’s effective it would be really useful for the gigging musician.

gus dupree says:

Buffer, I just met her

Tom di Giovanni says:

£100 is the new affordable 🙁 Not so long ago it was sub-£50. I wonder how different the new £80ish danelectro pedals are to the FAB ones (I got my chorus for £20) or the food ones (tuna melt etc)?

Che Guebuddha says:

Holy cow Captn! You certainly improved your playing man! Fantastic jam at the start!!

pinochet pilot #666 says:

what bridge pickup is in Pete’s Strat? I assume it’s split?


Captain LEEthal.

SuperPunk1995 says:

didnt learn much from this video as anything pete plays sounds amazing regardless

g skittlez says:

Captain and Danish Pete e.p available spring 2018

David S says:

I’ve had the Pugilist for a couple of weeks and it is super cool. Recommended.

Tomer Shtein says:

Hello Andertons,
Great video and review!

Which one you like/recommend better and why? The Pugilist or the Santa Ana?

Thanks so much!

Nick day Music says:

My god Lee’s playing in this is bloody tasty!!

Tom Yates says:

Quick aside, I just can’t ever get use to the sight of a humbucker on a strat.

guyseyes says:

Can people on YouTube play anything other than Blues??? Jesus

Michael Ward says:

Damn fender has got some nice sounding pedls now the one sounds like bad horse from tone city the pugilist mabye a little better tho probably im still going qith the bad horse from tone city because of the price tag

Clinton N says:

Grey Poupon sir? No but if you could buffer my muffins.

gumpfoo65 says:


dericdomino says:

Pete throws in a guitar shop lick

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