Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive is a highly affordable alternative to the famous Klon Centaur. With boosted power rails, the Soul Food is able to produce the same high output boost and transparency along with highly responsive overdrive. Inside the EHX Soul Food overdrive is a switch for selecting true bypass or a high quality buffer to regain your signal over long cable.Get some Soul Food and satisfy your tone quest.


QueeferSutherland says:

If I buy everything Andy demos, will I become him? If the answer is no, I’m killing myself.

DangerZone says:

Thin Lizzy YEAH!

최말자 says:

Guys, what is the name of the song on 4:00 ???

Sean Marshall says:

Andy, is this demo done in True Bypass or in Buffered mode?

Bo B says:

I didnt love it when I first got it.. now I cant live without it.. It definitely a secret ingredient for me.

Thayne Coleman says:


Noah says:

what song did he play on the strat?

Blue Rock says:

I forgot how good the Soul Food pedal is.

Abdiel pecina says:

Still got mine and works super.

jpfan1992 says:

dont forget about the mxr modfied od guys a real shame PGS hasnt done a vid for that one boost my muff with it!

Chris Aguilar says:

someone give this guy a signature guitar pick…

Bernard J Fortin says:

The best review of this pedal…!!!!!

Dalton Heitmann says:

Work well with vox ac15?

Matthew Gutting says:

am I the only person taht think this guy is a robot

User Delusion says:

is this close enough to the Tumnus for a fraction of the cost?

Abraham Sinai says:

Hey ProGuitarShopDemos, when you will review the new EHX pedals? I would like to see the Hot Tubes and the Crayon as well as the Canyon Looper, please!!!

Alex Hooi says:

What’s that thin lizzy number he played?

David Lopez says:

oooo so he is the guy who speaks on the other vid intros haha

mark lingad says:

Can I use the one spot psu for the soul food?

Eric Van says:

may i ask what’s amp do you use and what’s the model of LP in the vedio..

Jordan Pauley says:

People seem to not like the flavor that this pedal kicks-out… But I’d rather have something that goes crazy that I can back off of, than something flavorless. I imagine that my Texas Special neck pickup would benefit from the mid-bump that seems to have a lot of people up in arms. I’m not sure. Definitely going to demo first – so thanks for the negatron feedslime. Due diligence, in order.

Nick Seston says:

Anybody know what the intro song in this video is?

Sanborn S says:

Just got mine, for $80 well worth every penny …

Alexander Jowkar says:

This guy’s demos always sell me on gear I’m interested in. I’ll always watch like 10 bad demos and talk myself out of buying something then after watching his demo I talk myself back into it and usually end up happy. Maybe due to better amp EQ or recording setup but whatever it is it works. Everything just seems less muddy and clearer on the ProGuitarShopDemos. They have also made me want a Telecaster really bad, so thanks for that. At least I can live inside the cardboard box my amp came in when I cant pay rent due to having spent all my money on gear.

daniel Strazzaboschi says:

The main riff sounds like Gumball! Hehe. Thinking of getting this pedal

Marco Papp says:

Wow… Please someone tell me whats the song at 3:50 …. Thats beautiful!

parallax3d says:

Son of a….first Sam & Dave, then Thin Lizzy? You freaking rock, Andy!

Michał Pachocki says:

Great playing

AnDJ&Muaja says:

andy’s god

kevin malone says:

best bargain out there, these are really great with the germanium mod

Abel Ramirez says:

Thin Lizzy!!!


I just wonder why this guy’s been doing reviews about their products for years now but has never changed his videos, as far as the background. They always videograph his videos in total darkness, it looks creepy as hell…just wondering why. it just gets boring to watch their videos now. you have to change background sometimes, that’s all.

Zenn's Life says:

I saw this pedal & came here to see what Andy would make of it. I compared it to other pedals demoed on YouTube, many also by Andy on this channel.
After a lot of time, a lot of thought, & a great deal of comparison to similar pedals, I got one.
Only been a month but it’s awesome, easily one of favs. I’m considering getting another for crunchy vintage drive, since I’m using this one as both that & clean boost.
It’s a great lil pedal & fits in with my EHX Nano Big Muff & my MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion as a boost or light crunchy drive sound.
An amazing lil beast of a pedal! You did a wonderful demo of it here, Andy 🙂

sergio s says:

jailbreak thin lizzy

TheBoondoggler says:

Seriously what song at 3:49

INUNG ADI Nugroho says:

sell the OD Glove and buy the SoulFood….

Drew Pierce says:

TC Electronics needs to do a tone print of Andy’s fingers

Patrick Newaere says:

what amp you are using for the demo ? and how did you record the sound ?
thanks for your answer…

Chase Ostman says:

andy using a pick? woah….

Marc Piechowicz says:

its high time I venture into what you humans call ‘humbucker’ territory!

thejoerice says:

is the narrator the same as from Dogs 101?

Aaron Richards says:

I swear Andy is an unsung guitar hero. He can play amazingly and should do covers as a career. Can easily nail the tones. Damn he’s awesome.

Rob Junior 4 Life says:

Do they blend well with Wah pedal

Tom Deighton says:

I Love to listen to this guy play. It’s inspiring. It’s like proof positive that it can be done well. I would like to know what amp/amps he’s using for these demos.

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