Electro Harmonix Pitchfork Demo – A Rage-Tastic Pedal!

Whats half black, half white & goes up & down? No not that you naughty people!! This is the awesome new pitch shifting pedal from Electro Harmonix – go here to check it out http://bit.ly/1HWUaE9

All the other gear in this video has also been recently reviewed, so if you’re interested, please check back over the last 3-4 videos before this one.

And as promised here’s where you can find out more about Rabea – https://www.youtube.com/user/rabeaafro


Rob & Lee

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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sgtbontajump says:

This demo is perfect for me. I run an archon 50watt and I play Ibanez guitars so this definitely help me hear how it might affect my tone specifically. Thank you and absolutely amazing demo.

Franklin Slamo says:

Captain totally not getting it.

Matt Horner says:


SuperSpecialWorld says:

what happens if i play bar-chords/power-chords with this? can it make them true major or minor chords or will it not work at all?

Ben Killen says:


veerchasm1 says:

Too much jibber jabber

TheInsanityofGab says:

lee “but thats not why you’re buying this pedal”
thats EXACTLY why I bought that pedal

Matt Gilbert says:

OK first minute and I am no longer getting the BOSS Ps-6 Harmonizer. Pitchfork it is.

Austin Whitecotton says:

Rabeas octave playing was fucking amazing

wj74 says:

The two most annoying guys on YouTube

shatteredsquare says:


darkFo3 says:

Hi Rob, don’t know if it’s been already asked but have you tested the digitech drop pedal? Cheers from Argentina!

PurplEzio says:

Can i use this to go from Drop c (my guitars tuning) to drop d(up) ,drop B(down) and drop A(down)?

Jimmy Marchisotto says:

It’s awesome that you teach for free, but, you know a lot! You shouldn’t sell yourself short! With all the schooling you have had, you SHOULD be getting top dollar! I’ve seen you play in Your demo’s. You are an awesome player and a smart one! Thank you for all you have done in the name of helping us find our Own personal tone!

Tone Fingerz says:

thx for the gas

dusthaze says:

Thumbs UP for Rabea – Always

steveteb says:

I woud pay good money NOT to have one of those. Uttery horribe.

Amon Janus says:

Same thing with a pitchfork happened to me, I was 9 and had to shout for my Dad to come and pull it out, went straight through my welly and my big toe

The Chexican says:

I wish they sound tested it next to a detuned guitar.

stanisław szczygieł says:

Technics instead of ideas,artist.Simple guitar and imagine,like Black sabbath,Led Zeppelin etc…not robots music.Fuck usa!

Matthew Flowers says:

this is a really good candidate for worst pedal demo of all time

no one came here to listen to you two fucking banter with each other.

we especially didnt come to here some stupid fucking “song remix” of one of you doing a dumb fucking impression of the pedal.

Cal T says:

The fork bit is because you can blend (or fork) the dry sound with the pitch shifted sound.

Alex K says:

Hey, does this pedal add buffer/lag/latency between played notes? Don’t know how this pedal works but software plugin pitch effects usually add quite a bit of lag/buffer/latency because of the processing it has to do.

Roland Jc120 Tunes says:

It reminds me of royal blood

JC Dorian says:

13:39 : it’s the riff from Waiting for the Punchline, the hidden song in Extreme 4th album. Epic!

trryhn says:

“woodyboop diddy boop PITCH FORK!”

美咲 吉田 says:

These dickheads are useless, watch the demo on EHX’s channel. Has everything.

Chet Turner says:

I guess you could use this instead of a capo

Andy M says:

This pedal is marketed as having a ‘high quality buffered bypass’, which is a shameful lie. I have this pedal and it is terrible for sucking tone when bypassed. It takes bass and overall sweetness away.

bigmeatykezs bass says:

does anyone know how well one of these works on bass?

Uneasy Peace says:

Bought Boss Harmonist…It sucked.Took it back and got a Pitchfork. Wayy better!

Dforce 10 says:

It would totally F with people if you actually did a 30 minute video reviewing garden tools. I guarantee you most people would watch the whole way through waiting for the gag to end

Anthony Sclafani says:

Can you use this to do half step & whole step down detuning? Does it sound weird or no? Any problems? How’s the tracking?

William Favero says:

It tries to be informative… however, with the screaming guitar breaking in every few minutes, makes the video almost impossible to listen to.

Olaf van Rijnsbergen says:

I’m thinking djent on the 22nd fret of the high E (24th on real geetars)

Keown Cork says:

13:20 The Captain Describing Djenting before he knew what Djenting is

Håvard .EF says:

For some reason im expecting some strings to snap at 7:25

Félix Aliaga says:

Is true by pass?

FifthAssassin says:

so does the pitchfork go in front of the amp or in the effects loop?

Daniel Pestana says:

I just bought a Micro Pog and a Canyon. Why in the world did I have to click on this video and watch that guy shredding this pedal. Total awesomeness, and now I want this one too 🙂

SuperRoggerRabbit says:

Great DEMO!!!, now looking to order one from yo all!! you made my day with the funnies! best!

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