Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Guitar Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

Get the EHX Pitch Fork here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PitchFork

The Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork is a polyphonic pitch shift pedal that allows you to go up or down in half-steps to an octave, then two octaves, then three octaves! Better than than that, you can combine both the upper and lower octave and blend it with the original guitar pitch for a huge sound.

I had a bunch of fun using the optional expression pedal to gliss and pitch change on-the-fly. It gets into some other-worldly-sounding territory with all three voices engaged.

By choosing either up or down pitch-change and dialing the blend knob completely to the right, you can virtually capo or drop-tune your whole guitar just by pressing a button. Really great on a gig where you need to access that quickly and accurately.

Straight-forward, excellent tracking; it’s makes cool, crazy sounds and is a real problem-solver, all in a small footprint. Give it up for the Pitch Fork!

Thanks for watching! Don Carr


Bern Stock says:

You guys do the best pedal reviews hands-down. Cheers!

tsuke2A says:

really good demo! Thanks!
The Rubicon’s Riders

phserna says:

this pedal drop volume like a octave multiplexer. another electroharmonix drop volume. pulsar etc.

Sockbat Replica says:

Could you put an EHX 8-Step Sequencer into the expression jack and turn this thing into an arpeggiator?

MrJim1972 says:

Excellent demo, I just got one of these and this was very helpful!

EmersonTrailers Auburndale says:

Best pitchfork demo so far, Thanks.

yungsavagesleeper says:

this dude always gives the best pedal demos.

BabyDemonStudio says:

Awesome demo, best one I’ve seen, i currently have a 4th Gen Whammy, but the only setting i use (most of the time) is the octave up/down, so Im considering replacing it with the Pitchfork to save some room, would this be a wise choice ?

Dave Broad says:

One octave down, wet. You too can sound like Lemmy.

Trey Mendoza says:

Great Review!

phserna says:


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