Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

Get the EHX Nano Big Muff Pi here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NanoBigMuff

If you want the smooth, sustaining fuzz of the Big Muff but don’t have the space on your pedalboard, check out the EHX Nano Big Muff Pi. It has the same circuit and controls as the full-size original, simply in a smaller footprint.

I’m a fan of mini-pedals for the obvious reason: the ability to add more pedals to your rig without getting a larger pedalboard! Honestly, small stages make mini-pedalboards a necessity and the easy portability is nice as well. Go mini with the Big Muff Nano.

Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Silver060 says:

I don’t think distortion was meant for rythym guitar.

Michael McMullen says:

it’s a great pedal. I put a soft touch latching switch in mine and it’s superb with an eq of some sort behind it

Chris Mann says:

Just got mine. Very happy with it. I have other fuzzes but this is different. You can play chords and even stuff like 7th’s, 9th’s, sus chords sound cool. Very nice.

Robin Helix says:

can I mix the overdrive with the clean signal?

washburnepiphone says:

It is good to see someone testing a bif muff pedal with a guitar with humbuckers and not single coils…

Nico Gonzalez says:

i wanna ask, sorry if its very obvious but, wich are the difference between the big muff pedal and a fuzz pedal?

Jacob Padlock says:

That chord you played at 0:32 is literally all it took for me to buy this.

Gustavo Moura says:

Unbelievable this pedal is so amazing and cheap. I think the best value on the planet.

Riskbreakerslayer says:

Yup. Future purchase.

Guitar T says:

u r a great player, wish i could do that

Guitar T says:

sounds cheap

guitargamery says:

play chords…and rhythm god dam it(lol)…seriously??all video demoing Big muff with just 1 note solo??uau

Basslcal says:

So the only real difference between this and the standard muff is size?

Dee Devlin says:

I plugged in 75 big muffs at one time it was amazing that was back in 1975 still amazing

Neil Barbu says:

I really wish I could make it to gearfest, but my son is getting married that Saturday. Next year for sure though so I can have Nick Schenkel introduce me to you and Mitch Gallagher.
Great demo as always Don!!!

ג'אני ניסים says:

great clean and clear sound playing

Thomas Donofrio says:

This pedal sounds great but not for playing live with a band. I’ve been using one and it buzzes like crazy!

crapodopalese says:


TheButcher6969 says:

I have one of these but the noise is really bad when pedal is engaged.

ClutchEastwood says:

I like your style man,  Ima check it out, already shared info with a few friends to get some feedback.  TY

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