Electro Harmonix FREEZE – Pedal Review

This is a very cool and unique pedal. What do you use it for? Well, that is fully up to your creativity and imagination. Send the frozen sound through delays, modulation and tremolos to give it some movement…. do whatever floats your boat !!!

Here’s a link in case you want to buy it!

EHX Freeze (€94)


DJEAS3 says:

Some videos running pedals though some synths would be soooooo good. Just an idea : )

Luis Avila says:

I love this simple yet great pedal, I´ll never get rid of mine

Charles Carr says:

Why don’t all gear demos include a ferret. It makes it so much better

handsomerube says:

4:26 brain freeze

bigalthefly says:

among the worst review i’ve seen. if you care

DB Pooper says:

I’d like to hear this with a human voice.

Bach for Electric Guitar says:

Nice. I do guitar covers of organ music. I could totally use this pedal for sustaining some very long notes. Thanks for the review!

vintage71 says:

walter is ace 🙂

JH Scofield says:

slow seems to adjust wave length on modulation of some sort?

ThisisRends says:

… ein schmaler Grat zwischen cool und nervig.

9aus says:

Hi Walter!

spintight100 says:

Very entertaining – like an 11 year old kid with a new toy – and I mean that in a good way. And it showed off what the pedal does very well. And the ferret was cool too!

Ian Wood says:

You have to buy that guitar! It’s so you! (also Walter would approve!)

Lorneplumber says:

More Walter videos pleaseAlways look forward to your vids – the phil x was excellent

Benjamin Cripe says:

Do the newer models have a soft touch switch?

Joe Heisler says:

Bah, I guess I’ll be buying another pedal thanks to you! Haha

John says:

I recently got this pedal and it is very subtle and cool. For the most part I use it to practice modal playing – set a drone consisting of the 1 and the 5 (or a chord or whatever) and play under it.

Nick in the States says:

Great vid as always man! I always wondered what the hell this pedal does. I get it now! EHX does such great things in their price bracket. Btw just ordered a JRocket Archer because of course I did. Rock on man!

marconteurs94 says:

can you review that les paul jr. style guitar in the background?

NightmareBill says:

Hi ….always enjoy your video’s. Could the Freeze be useful for long sustaining of single tones in Santana solo’s ? I mean by holding the foot on the freeze once you hit the tone you want to sustain like Carlos does in many solo’s. Or would it sound weird ?

Gilbeezy Skit says:

If love to use this on bass…. Since the pedal isn’t true bypass, how much would you say it affected your tone when it was off?

Frode Berg says:

Hey man! Your the best! 🙂
I recently got this freeze thing for my bass pedalboard, and it’s awesome! I do recommend having it at or near the end of the chain though, meaning having the delay in front of it, and not after. This way, if you are using a delay with a high feedback setting, you won’t accidently saturate the thing with crazy delays while it’s droning away. Also, the “pad” effect goes away a little if you put a delay after it, then it kind of sounds like you hear the “loop point”, altough you don’t, its simply the delays kicking in of the perfect drone. This probably didn’t make any sense, and to each his own I guess…..and by the way, more Walter please!

John Doe says:

The difference between the slow and fast modes is the time it takes for the freezed signal to fade out.

marconteurs94 says:

can you review that les paul jr. style guitar in the background?

Saúl Garzón says:

More Walter! jajaja

Даниил Шварц says:

I love that ferret!

subbbass says:

great for “walking on the moon” BOTH guitars !

john friend says:

hi Henning ,another great honest review,did you know it is a great English tradition to put ferret down your trousers as a dare,but you need lots to drink first ,j

01aleph says:

Funny guy and very good pedal and Walter loves Freeze as well ….

telamaes says:

We also did a small demo in our channel:

Ricardo Andres Gonzalez Diaz says:

Sweet Walter!
Love to see animals on your videos! 🙂
Cheers brother!

Campaign like Clockwork says:

10:27 😀

Brock Davisson says:

Lol dude you’re funny :] i love this pedal.

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