Electro-Harmonix Crayon Overdrive Pedal Review by Sweetwater

Check out the Crayon full-range overdrive pedal from Electro-Harmonix! This modern take on a classic dirty boost gives you independent control over bass and treble bands, allowing you to contour your overdrive tone. Need a cutting midrange boost? Sure the Crayon can provide that, but it’s also great for beefing up your bottom end or adding air to your highs. Thanks for watching – click the link below for even more info!

Get the Crayon overdrive pedal here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Crayon



Great player and gear! Merry Christmas 😀

GT100 Tonematch says:

Sounds more like a distortion!

Missy Victoria says:

Love your shirt. You are a wonderful guitarist.. and seem to be very personable w a nice personality.

ArielsSmartyPants says:


MonstarMk3 says:

What is the deal with the two different years? People tell me they are exactly the same. WTF????? Why would they make 2 pedals, same name, different years, and a altered paint job for nothing? That does not make sense. Something has to be different. Does anyone actually know? I have to order one tomorrow and I want the best one.

Gary Schmidt says:

I guess Crayons aren’t for kids anymore. 😉

Robert Hooles says:

Nice demo, definitely the best one on this pedal, which has helped my decide to buy one. I’ve heard they are made in NYC but are they really made in NYC?

Fiasco Seven says:

Strange fuzzy sound.

gmlasam says:

Is this a Timmy clone?

Shane Freeman says:

This lady is really good. I wish my grandma could play like that. 🙁

Charles J Gartner says:

Hmmm… I really like a pedal that has a cool look, and this crayon design is definitely something I wouldn’t mind on my board. Looking for a boost pedal and this could do the job… but otherwise it’s pretty unexciting. Doesn’t sound so different than a lot of O.D. pedals. I’d rather have an OCD but these are a bit cheaper (and look cooler). Ahhhh choices!!!

MK Artwork Studio says:

Boss OD-1X or this??? I can’t decide! haha

matthalo89 says:

Played this pedal yesterday at my local guitar store along with several others including the phase 90. With both those pedals going at the same time awesome! I plan on buying both eventually but the crayon is my first choice. Great pedal!

Steve Wood says:

Can you say how it compares to the East River Drive?

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