Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal Review by Don Carr

Get the EHX C9 Organ Machine here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C9Organ

The Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine can transform the sound of your guitar into nine different iconic organ and keyboard sounds! Related to EHX’s B9, the C9 expands the tonal palette, offering four classic tone wheel organs, three transistor organs, a Mellotron, and something called Shimmer that needs to be heard.

Your dry guitar sound can be balanced with the C9 sounds via the two top-mounted knobs. Modulation and key click, which are part of the tone wheel organ’s sound, can be controlled with the Mod and Click knobs. Those knobs have different, cool functions with the non-tone-wheel sounds.

The C9 plugs-in like any other pedal; no special cables or pickups needed. You can have both the C9 and your guitar signal coming out of a single output or their own, individual outputs.

Fatten your guitar sound, cover an organ part, play dueling or unison lines with guitar and organ, all with excellent note tracking and ease-of-use, that’s the C9 Organ Machine.

Thanks for watching! Don Carr


Paul TheSkeptic says:

I am Lord Purple! Who dares use my name?

Fender Frank says:

Nice review, keep the long hair long.

saemikneu says:

The “compact” setting could be used to play “House of the Rising Sun” in the great Animals version frm 1964! (Vox Continental)

zzseba says:


William James says:

Would this device work with a (vocal) mic?

kenz546 says:

How does this compare to the duo ventilator? Not sure which one to get.

justin molanick says:

God bless sounds awesome!!

JAT002 says:

Do you recommend a compressor pedal with the C9?

denhole1 says:

Would this or the B9 be better for that bluesy kinda organ on like The Black Crowes “Seein’ things”?

James Renna says:

HAHA! this thing is great

Paul Wohlstetter says:

get a haircut

German Zeiter says:

5 minutes just talking. I can read the specs elsewhere. I want u to play the f*ckig thing.

Marcio Costa says:

He deliberately ruined the Lord Purple setting by distorting it with some external modded pedal. Why not just demo the C9 pedal, as in the title of the video?

james Smith says:

Awesome review. I’m sold!

Claudiu Cont says:

sweet pedal, I want one !…

naalar says:

No matter my EQ settings, the upper register is shrill. The flute Mellotron hardly works. Best setting for me is 3.
I am using a compressor, in-line, to amp. I enjoy the box, but I am a tad disappointed

foggydrifty says:

Man, just play the thing….

Patrick Cebulla says:

A must have!

Magnos Boulevarth says:

Eu pensava que era uma senhora tocando kkk

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