Electro Harmonix Big Muff Review

Without a doubt one of the most iconic guitar pedals ever, the Electro Harmonix Big Muff will have graced your stereo more times than you expect. Used by plenty of guitarists throughout the years, this is the perfect pedal for filthy fuzz tone (in the best way possible!).
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Jeremias Bado says:

Which one are the songs that he plays for a demostration?

Jaime Peters says:

Do you know, I’m a big fan of Electro Harmonix and own the Big Muff Pi, Bass Big Muff, Bad Stone and Bass Clone. And Lee really demonstrates these awesome pedals brilliantly. Electro Harmonix need to take note. Lee’s a great ad for them.

washburnepiphone says:

Leonardo Dicaprio

counternub40 says:

Since when did they put the barrel connector on it?
I’m going to mod mine soon and put a barrel connector on instead of that stupid 3.5mm jack.
My muff looks nothing like this as well now haha all the paints worn off and has big cuts in the knobs with white paint stuck in it since that worn off.

As you can tell mine has received a lot of use.

Gaz Taylor says:

Holy mutha of FUZZ!! This original EH Big Muff still ROCKS!!! I think this pedal will be around to delight us for many years to come..and it’s still just the best name ever too 😉 Awesome demo and playing as always Lee. Thanks guys.

Steves ForcedAccount says:

I have one of these and it does not have an LED on it and it has a TONE-BYPASS slide switch on the back. Looks pretty old.

metallijames says:

That Muff is too clean. It needs to be stomped on, thrown through a rock tumbler, dunked under the ocean, then plugged back in. Only then will it be a true Muff. Let that hair free!

chase trimble says:


Kenny says:

Glad you said pink floyd I wanna do some gilmour solos? He used big muff, is this recommended? for gilmour solos

lauri finlandia says:

you are way too good for your job.

stephen show says:

what’s your guitar name brotha??

Vittorio Chimetto says:

Ah!bravissima dimostrazione

Michael Peters says:

Nice job and the shredding

Alan Stevenson says:

I see you guys stock both versions of mxr phase 90. I would love a demo from Lee to see which one I am going to buy if possible? Cheers

Stuart Williams says:

that guy is seriously good. do you make it up as you go along or do you practice everything beforehand?

Bryan Grabowski says:

this sounds like a great fuzz pedal ! i bought a fuzz face mini & was totally disappointed …its either all the way fuzz or off.. I’m an intermediate player  and don’t want to fish for fuzz pedals till I’m blue in the face & broke . hahaha . what would you recommend Lee ? one question.. thought Hendrix used a fuzz face ? never heard anyone say he used anything else ..interesting…love your channel … more lessons if ya find time thanks 

David says:

would ypou be so kind as to make an in depth demo and review of the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi?

i am frayer says:

is this the pedal that kurt cobain used for breed?

Caleb Grant says:

This is a good pedal but you may have a hard time getting it to project in some situations

Alex Chapman says:

I like this pedal, for the money it punches well above its weight. The very easy “tone bypass mod” sound very cool as well. (3 bits of wire and a switch).

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