EHX Oceans 11 Reverb

A compact, affordable pedal packed with advanced functionality and 11 reverb styles ranging from essential to exotic. Click here to see all the Oceans 11 settings used in this video:

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The Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11’s reverbs are:
1. HALL – the rich reverberant sound of a grand concert hall
2. SPRING – pays homage to the classic Fender® 6G15 tube spring reverb
3. PLATE – the lush, warm reverb that got its name because a large metal plate was originally used to create it
4. REVRS – emulates the quirky reverse reverb effect where a note’s reverb fades-in backwards. (Jimmy Page claims to have invented it.)
5. ECHO –sends a recirculating echo thru the Plate reverb. The crisp clear delays get tastefully smudged by the airy plate reverb
6. TREM – reverb plus tremolo that’s applied to both the wet and dry mix of a Hall reverb, your choice of three different tremolo shapes
7. MOD – modulated reverb, three modes. Chorus laced onto the reverb tails creates a luscious atmospheric effect. Flanger wraps around the reverb tails and weaves a hypnotic tapestry. Chorus and flanger combined.
8. DYNA – Swell, gate and duck. Swell silences your notes’ attacks before blooming the tails back into the soundscape. Gate passes the reverb tail thru a noise gate that opens when it detects playing. (Phil Collins popularized the technique by applying it to drums.) Duck compresses the reverb tail while you’re playing and fades it back in when you’re resting.
9. AUTO-INF – Auto-infinite reverb that triggers a reverb wash for each note or chord. When a new one is struck, the previously resounding reverb crossfades to the new one
10. SHIM – Shimmer generates a rich octave-shifted reverb wash that modulates and blossoms behind your signal
11. POLY – Polyphonic reverb, two configurable bi-directional pitch shifts operating on your pre-reverb signal. Combine dissonant intervals with near infinite decays to create disorienting soundtracks, or choose perfect/major intervals to generate creative harmonies when jumping around a key signature

The Oceans 11 features powerful, yet intuitive “hidden” parameters accessible thru its Secondary Knob Mode that let the player take greater control of its effects.

An internal Tails switch also provides a choice of whether the reverb effect fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass. In most settings the pedal is also capable of producing infinite reverb which can be played over with a fresh reverb effect complete with adjustable parameters!

• 11 different reverb types: HALL, SPRING, PLATE, REVRS, ECHO, TREM, MOD, DYNA, AUTO-INF, SHIM and POLY
• Tails switch. Select whether the reverb fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass
• Easy access to powerful “hidden” parameters thru Secondary Knob Mode
• Able to produce infinite reverb you can play over in most settings
• Comes with a standard EHX 9.6DC 200mA PSU
• Dimensions in inches: 2.75(w) x 4.5(l) x 2.1(h)
• Dimensions in mm: 70(w) x 115(l) x 54(h)


giovanni iacono says:

11:12 what’s the setting for that sound?? It’s awesome

3264headtrip says:

Thank you for the demonstration Mr. Ruppert, you are one of the most expressive pedal reviewers on the internet. I think I’m honestly listening to you play more than I even care for some of the pedals. It’s like I’m getting a free mini concert of great tunes that feel so familiar then I realize its just you jamming along showing off the pedals various functions. Your sense of melody and phrasing make me want to pick up my guitar – thank you so much!

Kyle Curro says:

Sold when i heard the spring

Daniel Hirtzel says:

Bill, fantastic demo as always.Could we please get a tour of your studio and recording processes at some point?

Kings Field says:

8:35 Can you do that organ sound with just the ocean 11 alone? What does the red “secondary” mean?

Nick Elsewhere says:

My favourite pedal ATM

Davy Kline Jr says:

Always amazing pedals….!

david nino says:

Canyon or Oceans 11?

Seth Goodrich says:

What is the best foot switch for the infinite input?

Z S says:

ALL THE FLOYD! Good Lord, folks, you’ve got me sold on this and the Canyon solely from the killer intros!

Jamie Wilson says:

Are you using a lower octave on the shimmer verb too? It sounds incredible.

Jon Snow says:

just sad.. i can’t buy this because im from philippines

TheBoondoggler says:

What pickups are in that blue rg?

Cristo Pohodolus says:


Mel Alvarez says:

Also read somewhere that this pedal was designed to be plugged into the front instead of the fx loop is that true

Ryan Sargent says:

Just got this and a Big Muff yesterday. I’ve primarily been a drummer the better half of my life (started at 9, I’m currently 25, first picked up a guitar at 15 because I was in high school and trying to swoon ladies), but EHX has me rethinking things…lol

mloutris says:

Bill, please, Please, PLEASE, you need to release an album!

Pedro Beltran says:

Hi nice pedal my name is Pedro

Erik Haug says:

I just got the bigg muff and ocean 11. Can you please tell me the setting you use for the solo at the end of the video? Also on the Ocean 11 setting for the echo you have no light on.

everett butler says:

very impressive

Pasha Aeon. Handpan & RAV Vast Music says:


YellowLabradorWithMotorcycle says:

7:14 I can get into all sorts of trouble knowing it can replicate a cello. Mad respect to the guitarist who is either a genius or insane for knowing how to play Bach Cello Suite No.1 Prelude

Keith Maynard says:

4:12 hell yes

Ges Si says:

I wonder if this helps me with led zeppelin and gnr tones?

Rich Cole says:


ebeep says:

Jesus, that Dano sounds like heaven.

YellowLabradorWithMotorcycle says:

7:16 Making a guitar sound like a cello has me sold. Time to buy one.

Del Rei Rock says:

I have the Multiswitch from Strymon. Does it work as a infinite pedal for the Oceans 11?
Can I damage the pedal if I connect them together?

dissonantmind says:

Someone know if you can save settings on each presets like on the Cathedral?

Tiny J says:

What does the “Secondary” mean?Are we hearing two separate tracks played together?

Chance Meeting says:

I have been seeking a good spring reverb to use with synths and drum machines. Really impressed with the O11 spring emulation.
How well does this handle hotter signals and line level signals from mixer sends?

Midnight Special says:

David Gilmour fan sure

JeezyFizzle Gaming says:

I need this in my life, but I just bought two ehx pedals earlier this week. Stop taking my money!

Tone Seeker says:

Another amazing pedal and demo from EHX… I watch these videos as much for your playing as for these incredible pedals. Another winner. You guys mustn’t get much sleep around there for all the innovative products you come out with!

Liftedviews s says:

What a great pedal and what a great review!

jameswilkins4motion says:

Awesome box and review. Nice one mate

Todd Graf says:

All of these EHX pedal demos are superb!

Billy Garrison says:

Whew! so good.

onelansou says:

Never liked an ad before… this was a great experience

Luis Galvao says:

Does it have a stereo output for a reverb in a stereo Feild?

Steve Hammett says:

What amp were you going through? Amazing demo!

Christopher Antimie says:

Loving all the Pink Floyd. The pedal is great as well

Fernando Canal says:

this is is amazing

Ryan Wright says:

infinite mode is like a reverb pedal with the EHX Freeze pedal built in… very cool. Got to get one!

ThinkThirsty says:

I just got one of these, and it is *insanely* good

Jody Sanders says:

That is one cool pedal, I heard alot of different sounds I liked.

Chris Davies says:

The cello emulation is awesome, but I already have a reverb pedal lol

Dmitri Rehhovski says:


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