Earth Quaker Devices Weird & Wonderful Pedal Review!

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As well as the Earth Quaker pedals, we used a TC Ditto Looper, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp, a Chapman CAP10 guitar & a Fender Custom Shop 54 Strat.


Lee & Rob

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Danny Peculiarbleeps says:

Advice needed. Got a sweet deal lined up for the Afterneath online. Neunaber Immerse is twice that. Is the Immerse worth the difference? I really like the Shimmer on it.

yungsavagesleeper says:

Wow Lee is an exceptional guitarist.

Marcelo gonzalez says:

Spatial Delivery was amazing

Metal Guitar Tutorials says:

The amount of jokes in this video pleases me greatly.

Seb Fl says:

I’m actually in love with some of these tones

Blitz says:

“What was that 80’s pop song”……..*facepalm* it was Outerspace by a tiny little band called The Prodigy no wonder he couldn’t name the track, they’re not very well heard of :/

Mobmaster twentythree says:

sounds like a really bad porno

jason jones says:

The first effect sounds like the zoom preset on the old zoom multi effects pedals from the late 90s

Rod Tankerson says:

Great review. and you guys Rock! What Guitar is the White one?

Isuzu Slider says:

The Spacial Delivery pedal sounds like the music to a conspiracy theory video ahahahaa

Douchechills says:

The first pedal reminds me of a Zvex Ooh-Wah

Nicolas Abat says:

I may have just bought myself a Rainbow Machine after this video……

daRibeira Custom Guitar Cabinets says:

Great review of incredible sounding pedals!

EZ Assegai says:

Captain, please shut the fuck up when Rob is trying to complete a sentence

Guy Seabrook says:

You could play half of Pink Floyd’s discography with the Afterneath’s Drag Knob 😛

Maarten Vanderbeeken says:

I dont hate EarthQuaker devices but they feel like the craft beer of pedals.

Creativecoverz says:

people: the earthquaker speaker cranker is the best overdrive pedal you can buy

Chris Oakley says:

what is the price diff between a quid and the dollar

CelticBananas says:

How to shoegaze

Kenny Bressler says:

That first one is a sample and hold. Pretty common effect in the world of analog synthesizers, but I suppose a bit unusual to hear affecting a guitar.

jack stephens says:

such a trip bruhhhhhhhh

jerrythemailman says:

Everyone just watch the YT channel “Knobs”

Brightblue Orange says:

Guys.. you cant make every pedal work for one style of playing. you both played the same way on all the pedals. that Rainbow Machine should have had you inspired to conform to it more and play higher up, faster and innovate chord changes perhaps …ahh 24:01 -you begin to address my point. anyone who puts real effort into quality videos such as you guys perhaps don’t love criticism and to your cred, you addressed the issue in the video so per 24:01, just work out a tune that matches the more esoteric pedals beforehand.

Jaagg says:

I love this review of the Spatial Delivery because every other one focuses on the generic envelope filter/auto wah thing that it does and never focuses on the part that makes the pedal unique (when the toggle switch is in the middle).

Alex Macdonald says:

That first one sounds amazing, I love that.

Scrote Boat says:

6:47 that reminds me of pink floyd, just the experimental sound

chzzyg269 says:

The Miku should always be on standby for pedals like these.

Wolfganistain Pack says:

The first pedal reminded me of the nintendo wii tracks

BeN00bly101 says:

5:00 Who’s playing the accompanying chords in the background of Rob’s solo?? O_o

Sergey Pupko says:

“I’d use all of them” – Chappers. Ok, Chappers. I dare you, on behalf of all your fans, to write and record a song where you use all these pedals and make it legit, like you are going to put it in an album. Note: you can only use these pedals combined with one overdrive/distortion pedal of choice. Miku is optional but encouraged. Good luck 😀

Frank DeSalvo says:

Haha hell yeasssss on that space delivery action. It’s like 8bit porn. It’s robots makin steamy hot seshual lovin.

Freddie Guthrie says:

That demo Rob was doing with the Spatial Delivery was the nicest I’ve heard him play

Bastille says:

these crazy niggas smoke mad weed erry day

Kyle says:

What was the first song you played with the first pedal

Michael Warner says:

7:00 Sounds like Pink Floyd’s new album holy crap, wow.

Peter Raj says:


BedroomBassist says:

Woah I love the Afterneath!

Herbert Beckmann says:

Hey Guys……what’s that?
You didn’t prepair it well.
Just spinning around with the knobs isn’t cool.
The Idea of the Pedalsisnt respected.
Your’re just fooling around….
You shoul leave ol socks…… for something like this….

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