Donner Pedal Review – The Alpha Force!!

What is up guys! So i was asked by Donner Musical Instruments if i would like to review one of their new pedals!… so i said HELL YEAH!! i chose this one because it looked cool! but the tones this pedal produces are also AMAZING! i am so happy with this pedal! now coming from a guy who doesn’t use pedals, this thing i am going to be using a lot in the future! Check them out guys!!

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Danny Romero says:

Analog or Digital?

James Emberton says:

They are some killer sounds loving the high gain but especially love the chorus that’s my favourite guitar effect ever.

Luis Chapa says:

Amazing sound, amazing playing! So are you planning on doing more pedal reviews? m/

Ross Horne says:

Sounds great, enjoyed it man

BBGuitar CoverZ says:

Nice review, mate! Will there be any guitar covers soon?

Tbone T says:

I have noticed on more inexpensive pedals the tone is somewhat lost especially when the effect is off. Did you hear a difference?

Crazy-Heart says:

how comfortable is it to dial in the levels for each effect? cool that you have 3 super effects in 1 pedal!

Mark Ramsey says:

Hey Matt! Great video as always, I’m a Pedal Guy & I’m impressed! I agree with you, lots of great tones. Question: were you running that through the effects loop of the amp or straight in the front?

Evan Keal says:

I have many high end pedals, but this one is my current favorite. I only use the drive channel to mute, but the tape echo and chorus are really nice in my rig. The delay is my goto for atmosphere, replacing a Dunlop Echoplex. Buttons are smooth and quiet. If you ignore the high gain, this pedal is still practically free for the other two.

Fredrik says:

I feel like some good ol Volbeat would sound awesome with the High gain tone!

Kika Vega says:

Is ok for acoustic guitar?

Brother Stardust says:

Hey Matt! Me and my bro having been watching some of your videos of late, and we really enjoy your vids. Just one request, if you could do another night walk (maybe with James again) that would be sweet mann!

sean o'farrell says:

looks awesome

David O'Neill says:

Nice!! Makes me wonder why my reverb (1 of my 13 pedals) cost 3 times this ahah

Patrick Romero says:

I love this pedal it is amazing I recommend. To every body it is freaken amazing I rate it a 10 plus. Its bad ass. Thank you Donner pedals. For making making my dream pedal. Cheers.

Zach says:

does this pedal ship in the us? it sounds sick and i want it.

dave f says:

nice to have as an extra~~for $65 hell yes

Julian Crabbe says:

Just got this pedal and the snow white snakebyte for Christmas holy shit

MrMetal457 says:

Damn, this looks awesome. I think I might want one. But, as a high school student, I can’t really get one at the moment. Great video, as always.

Hans Gruber says:

One of the better demos of this pedal. Thanks for the great vid. I ordered one 2 days ago. Can’t wait for it to get here and chunk up my bass signal.

Hari pun says:

is it good for small gigs?

Patrick Romero says:

I just got my New Donner pedal today. All I can say is this little pedal blew me away. It’s just what I have been looking for the high gain just sings out creamy notes I was amazed that a small pedal could sound like this I rate this a 5 ***** thumbs up.

Sam Saunders says:

all of those incredible tones for 52 quid… 52 fucking quid!?!? that is an absolute bargain. and that higain channel was brutal. everything set to twelve and you just get chug out the arse! thinking of buying this bundle of absolute joy for myself but im gonna have a look round on their website to see what theyre packing. see ya matt!!! m/

Scott S. says:

Was just on Amazon looking at the Donner Alpha Cruncher, but I think I might have to get this one. How would it work for Blues in the Gary Moore/Joe Bonamassa style?

Blake Coombs says:

Is this pedal true bypass??

Eric Valverde says:

it got a very VERY good drive tone to be that tiny, i think this with the Mooer Radar and your favorite Cabinet IR would be a great goal for tone on the go

Brendan Mather says:

That has to be one of the best sounding gain pedals I’ve heard. Normally, sending a high gain pedal into a clean amp sounds like a wet curry fart but this sounds pretty good on its own!

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