DigiTech Trio Band Creator Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

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As a guitarist, you spend a fair amount of time alone practicing, writing, and honing your craft – necessary, but not always exciting. What if you had a bassist and drummer that were always available, ready to learn your song the first time you played it, were well-versed in multiple styles of music, started and stopped when you wanted, and played at your tempo? Now you can with the Digitech Trio Band Creator pedal!

More than a static, preset-pattern generator, the Trio is a band creator in a pedal. Plug in your guitar, press the footswitch, and the Trio learns your chords and rhythm by listening to what you play; press the footswitch again and the Trio automatically generates bass and drum parts to match.

The Trio has seven different musical genres to choose from and twelve different musical styles within each genre, selectable via the Genre and Style knobs. The Trio can learn three different song parts; verse, chorus, bridge, for example. All of these features are selectable in during playback, allowing you to “audition” different interpretations of your song. The Alt Time button offers another variation, usually half-time or double-time. The bass and drums have individual Level knobs and there’s a Tempo knob to slow-down or speed-up your song.

The Trio’s outputs are optimized to sound great whether you’re listening through your guitar amp, headphones or a mixer. Two different, appropriate guitar sounds, per genre, can be selected by pushing the GUITARFX button. This enables you to use the Trio with just your guitar, a cable, and a set of headphones.

Here’s two more points I thought were worth mentioning:

First, if you press and hold the Trio’s footswitch while one part is playing, the next Part button will flash and be cued up, ready to play when the previous Part ends.

Second, when you use both outputs on the Trio at the same time, the Bass and Drums automatically get routed to the Mixer output and your guitar goes to the Guitar output.

Basically, the Trio is your full-time rhythm section in a pedal – thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Lou Ubriaco says:

Compliments to the reviewer on a concise and useful presentation. It also helps that you are quite musical.

John Malcolm says:

All I want is a tuned kick drum on the beat. An audience can accept that as real enough.

Bill Orcutt says:

No ‘funk’ genre??…WTF?..

Guyton Thorne says:

I assume you cannot save anything? i.e. you have to train this for each song you plan on playing. Is this correct ? and if so do they have any plans of making a unit like this where you can save the background tracks ??

Darran hanlon says:

Does this thing remember what’s it has learnt ? Would be a pain teaching it between songs on stage??

Claude FRIDRICI says:

What if you do not play chord but arpegios (like in a ballad f.ex “Nothing else matters”)?

Jennifer Batten says:

Beautiful outro!

Ben Middleton says:

the beat buddy is lightyears better

Harrison Ervin says:

Curious how this would work in a whole pedalboard setup? Will distortion/overdrive or any other effect affect the bass and drum parts at all?

Michael Shanahan says:

they need to add 7 and 5

Mikey Bumpus says:

can I run other pedals through it?

Pl9906 says:

The jazz drums are horrible

Fender Frank says:

Nice demo…..easy to get ideas rather organized.
Does the TRS cable @ 5:04 have to have “stereo” connector plugs?

Graham Charnock says:

It’s okay. The only real drawback which could be improved is the inability to save any of your parts. Each time you switch it off you have to start anew.It’s nice to play along to though while your drummer is getting drunk and your bass player is  nodding off.

Joe Satch says:

must read this !!!!!check out the electro harminix mel 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jim collodoro says:

the bass parts sound cool, the drums sound a little.. like a casio? yeah a casio keyboard drum.

xdesperadovvv says:

So you go through all the programming to play one song? Why isn’t there a way to record parts for several songs, like you’d use if you were playing a gig? Did I miss something?

Lord Jock says:

Once you have your selection canou save it to use again ? or do you have to rebuild it every time

Vladimir Medvedev says:

Can this be used in a continuous playing, like going from song to song nonstop?

Ari Hernandez says:

“Literally a bass player and a drummer in a pedal format”

Chas Monro says:

This product is crap.
I bought one on the strength of this demo. Problems start with the rythym choices, it’s like going back to the 80’s and a drum machine in a cheap Casio type keyboard, Total rubbish! Then there’s the timing and the speed control, again, Rubbish, they are awful !
But Worst of all is the fact that it has no storage, or memory function, so every time you want to play another song you need to teach the thing all over again , For EVERY song you do , every time you do it. Totally useless in a live situation.
I think the idea behind this equipment is sound, and it even has some nice tones, but it has been released onto the market way too early without proper R & D, and anyone who buys one, like me, will soon find out they’ve wasted their money.
No matter how the thing is sold to you on Youtube, until you get one you won’t know how bad, and pointless it is.


people complain too much this thing is very cool

Snooze00 says:

So it doesnt come with a foot switch? Seriously, wouldn’t that be like essential.

J Steen says:

anyone know a good way to hook this up good when using a modeling amp with effects. If you turn on effects it will mess up the bass and drums on trio.

Haydn Po says:

But aren’t they really just pre set bass patterns triggered to play along with whatever you play on the guitar?

rick jones says:

trio amp out>mixer out>  to ditto stereo looper mono input>stereo input then out to mixer for stereo system audio .

MrSonicAlchemy says:

What is the name of the tune you’re playing for the outro! Dig this pedal BTW!!

Rhythm Shack says:

Can you plug a mic in, so you can use for acoustic guitars (that don’t have pickups)…?

Guitar T says:


PhilUSAFRet says:

Sounds like a great practice tool for players with no other musicians to practice or play with!!!!

Ricki Houston says:

will it work with a keyboard

lespaulfanofsparta says:

Great video.  Helps me understand this is not for me but, at a certain point in my playing, I could have seen the usefulness for sure.  Thanks again.

Promoagent says:

Whats with the mini USB socket? Whats that for? and what batteries does it run on, this would be a handy busker accessory (bring your own band lol)

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