Digitech Trio Band Creator effects pedal review demo

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 396
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rockethead555 says:

Without a way to store patches of songs (3 part  arrangements) it is limited to home practice. Using it professionally on stage is not practical, as we would need to teach it every song each time? the looper idea is doable to a point but still not practical . .  strange why they didn’t include a way to store patches . . . typical digitech, same as with the Jamman not having a sync feature with MIDI .. . frustrating how these people do things.

Daniel Nations says:

The idea sounds amazing until you realize it is woefully behind the times.  JamMan Midi Guitar can translate a guitar into a midi in real time.  It’s not perfect, but would be good enough to have the pedal play along with you immediately instead of needing to record and analyze.  A looper should be built in (obviously).   And the board needs more switches for recording to and controlling parts.

Oleksandr Nos says:

Useless if you have audio interface + some multi-instrument creativity. Midi drums and having a bass are not such problem, as for me.

kevin malone says:

best demo of this pedal by far. I didn’t know about how to change the patterns (verse chorus bridge) by stepping in the footswitch. I just bought a used one without a manual and that really helps. thanks!

Negus says:

but work playing bass ? thanks

James Garner says:

Will it pick up on reggae riffs?

Sweet Heart says:

This demo is the best one I’ve seen, so now based on this video, I am so ready to buy one of these amazing pedals! Technology has surely come a long, long way! Awesome video! Thank you for posting.

John Kessel says:

What is the maximum length of time (or measures?) allowed when programming a part? Can you program a set list of songs and save it on SD card, or something? Does Band Creator allow for programmed tempo changes?

LostMyMojo100 says:


Vladimir Medvedev says:

A friend told me that this pedal follows what you play, but I see you have to play a progression first, so it is not possible to use it live in a continuous  playing like going from song to song without stopping.

brentkev01 says:

Has anybody gigged with this live whats it like as in how you find the particular song and organise the changing from verse to chorus and son on , do you have to program every song before the gig.

Guy Man says:

seems great,but atthe same time could get boring fast,reminds me of the style mode,in my old Yamaha psr keyboard,

William Johns says:

You can play along with a record or CD player but if you want to spend the money I would also get a large kettle (make sure it does not have a non-stick surface as it dulls the sound) and a large wooden spoon to beat on the kettle. Start the TRIO and put the kettle on your head and start beating on the kettle and when the bass and drums come in start yelling, “I should have given my money to the homeless because this freaking thing sounds terrible!!

Tramp says:

Here is an idea, how about just getting some real musicians and actually form a real band…  No wonder most music sucks today…

Wisdom King says:

$125 and you will be bored with it quickly . Sent mine back the next day . Good idea but needs work .

Ade Stickbaby says:

Id love to secretly hook one of these up to a microphone at a funeral.

gareth b says:

This thing sucks, the bass and Drums are old style” Band in a Box”sounds. Save your time and money and get “PG Music Band in a Box” the latest versions are fantistic for practices and learning. music.

motokev says:

I bought one and LOVE it. The only thing that is bad, I can’t stop playing. By the way, great video.

sploofmonkey says:

Now I know why I don’t have any friends.

flips220 says:

Your dream as a one-man-band has just come true. Get one of these and one of those vocal harmonizer pedals, and you’re all set to light the stage on fire at that dumpy pub down street.

David Petrovsky says:

Muy sintético el sonido.

WeirdErnie says:

How does it do with push beats and odd time signatures?

Haydn Po says:

Great review and tutorial. Many thanks.

Michael Ryan says:

Load of rubbish I stupidly bought one, total waste of money. You couldn’t possibly gig with it. What a load of crap.

Damjan Milanovski says:

People should hang around and do rehearsals together, drink couple of beers during the rehearsal, or do whatever.
People should put in effort in band making cause only the love and energy of more people directed at one point can make beautiful music and good times.
Beautiful music grows from beautiful moments.

How is this helping? This trio pedal?
Music becomes shittier and shittier every day and nobody does anything.
(Digitech only cares about selling – which is ok)
But you?
Why would you need a band pedal? Can’t you find friends in life who want to play with you?

Why would you harmonize your vocals? Can’t you find more people to sing a song?

Artists isolate themselves into their own ego, thinking they will make epic music on their own, while technology provides them with everything.

THE TRUTH: No one cares about your music cause you are a delusional person, and the moment you walk in on stage everyone can see that shitty personality behind the mask.

What if every guitarist makes his own band with this pedal?
Who the fuck will pay attention to music still?


MegaCrasherMusic says:

OK. If some company were to combine this self learning concept with the high-quality beats and midi sync capabilities of something like the BeatBuddy, that would be a product I would pay for. As it stands though, each of these products is only a half finished idea and not really useful on any serious level

Larry Kenney says:

I was wondering, can you save all your tune for further use, nobody seem to talk about the saving part.

TheThinker82 says:

I have the pedal and I’m wondering if there is an option for just a metronome, without drum rolls. Any help?

gibb253 says:

Like most other commenters I think the lack of a song memory is a deal breaker-

Chuck Brown says:

I think and know you did a Rey good demo of this pedal,,,I would like to see the pedal working with the box,,,audio was really good,,forget what the other folk said,,,t it does remember what you did after unplugging before you go to the next gig,,don’t know how long that is though,, thank you for your time in doing the demo,,,appreciated

sefton1972 says:

Pretty amazing tool for writing.

spaaarky21 says:

This seems like a cool gadget but I wish the generated tracks didn’t sound so sterile and robotic. It reminds me of the demo tracks that inexpensive keyboards have built-in. I’d rather use a looper.

Daniel Kottra says:

Wow! If this thing existed forty years ago, U2 would have been a duo of Bono and Edge. (Watching all the demos I really wonder if it is good for anything else besides this  U2/Coldplay/Britpop/Indie style two chords midtempo boredom.)

undercrackers56 says:

It’s good – but still not what I have in mind. If anyone out there makes pedals and wants a (professionally documented design) kick-ass device then please contact me.

James Doyle says:

Guys use a boss rc3 through this, even record proper drum tracks and turn down the drums on the trio its the biz

Larry Kenney says:

I seen many DEMO but none talks about the saving part.

sniggity says:

This is a great invention ! Totally worth the money.

marisa rae says:

slightly harder to work with than shown, you just gotta play with it until you get comfortable with it and find your tune!

andy jad says:

very helpful mate…many thanks

DMSProduktions says:

Shows a lot of promise. you didn’t show the optional controller pedal to do the part switching so you can go back and forth.
Also, is the backing track output in stereo?

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