DigiTech SDRUM Auto-drummer Pedal Review

Practicing guitar is more effective (and more fun) when you have something to play along with. Unfortunately, by the time you program your drum machine or sequencer, your inspiration is gone. DigiTech’s SDRUM solves this dilemma. Simply dream up a groove, bang out a couple of bars on your guitar, and the SDRUM’s BeatScratch technology will build a full drum accompaniment based on your performance. SDRUM leaves plenty of room for customization, with control over tempo, intensity, grooves, and sounds. You also get pads on the front panel for inputting patterns manually.

Get the DigiTech SDRUM pedal here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SDRUM


Christian Castellanos says:

They have the trio beat here. Too bad you don’t have a looper you could feed an octave into

Only from a distance says:

Seems a bit complicated. Beat Buddy works well for $100.

Adam Barker says:

800ma wow. you guys see that..

K r e e says:

Sooooo… do I just trem pick for a blast beat?

Jacinto Medina says:


Yoshimar Rodriguez Donayre says:

hi! You can save a Beat Song with this pedal to used later?

Lil'Yeshua says:

Will Boss come out with a similar deal?

so what? so what? says:

hey man….I cannot find the pedal usefull . any advice…?

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Cool… but no midi i/o is a deal breaker for me, sadly. Seems like Digitech gets these drum gadgets like 75% right. Trio was the same way — close to being good but falling just short

Glistening Kabana says:

I dig it Don, thanks!!

andy butler says:

So when you’re playing the beat with guitar what’s the latency in mS?

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