DigiTech Mosaic 12-string Guitar Emulation Pedal Review by Don Carr

Get the DigiTech Mosaic pedal here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MosaicPedal

Add some shimmer and chime to your sound with the Digitech Mosaic. It’s a polyphonic, pitch-shifting and intelligent doubling effect that gives your 6-string guitar the sound of a 12-string. It works equally well with electric and acoustic-electric guitars and is super-easy to operate. Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


twinsmm1 says:

love this thing! i’ve watched people try to dial in a 12 string sound on a micro pog. it just sounds too organy.

Manny Avila says:

Does the Mosaic need to go thru effects loop or through front of amp? If in front, before or after the compressor?

Joey Gravins says:

A very awsom lil pedal. Too bad its $150. in musicians friend.

Walter Brancatisano says:

What’s the difference between a simple high-octave effect and a 12 strings emulation, if they don’t cut the highest frequencies on first two strings (maybe with a chorus in the same 2) in order to obtain the same sound as real 12 stringed guitars?

Charlie X says:

I’m looking for a GOOD acoustic simulator. How would you rate this compared to the boss ac-3. I’m especially interested if you’ve tried them both. Thanks.

Promoagent says:

Never knew a Strat could sound as good as a Rickenbacker the closest I’ve heard. I have a Epiphone Casino semi and Gretch Semi would this sound as good? Does it work off Battery?

Pro-am says:

Great review as always Don

Enrico Motta says:


Tj Wheeler says:

Would it work with a 7 string guitar?

MrBen58862 says:

Fantastic pedal just got one for my Rickenbacker 360_6 string worth every penny but it is mains only

Jason Clark says:

This sounds awesome

Tim C says:

Thanks, Don. Once again you demonstrate the capabilities of the pedal with tasteful musicianship.

wayne churchill says:

Iam fan of digitech product I’m sure this will be on my paddle board

John Malcolm says:

I would prefer octave even for the top strings

Bob Mac says:

what a great reviewer – no giggling, no showing off, just pleasant and to the point – thank you!
* would of liked to of heard more up the neck playing though, because getting the 12 string sound with open chords will be much easier.
Update: just got one $90 used – well worth it – thought it was defective since it kept shutting down while on my board – then connected the power supply that came with it and it worked fine.

Graham Jones says:

What’s the riff you are playing Don at the beginning of the review.

nonpoint666rocks says:

I like it but I find it way too subtle and focused on one thing to spend 150 bucks on it, for 50 I would think about it but 150 it’s just madness…

Stratodan 27 says:

I just ordered one of these pedals from Sweetwater.  They didn’t have one in stock at Guitar Center, so I couldn’t try it out.  I normally don’t buy anything before trying.  But we’ll see.  Fingers crossed.

S St-Pierre says:

Does it works with an acoustic?  Thank you !

flashy5150 says:

Sorry, but it still sounds like a 6-string with a chorus pedal. This is a scam, like most pedals these days. They are re-incarnations of the same pedals with the same effect, and with a different name and artwork on them — just like pickups, what a joke.

Paul Ewing says:

I have the Strat & the pedal …the bit with having the level on full and the tone on 9 o’clock. It makes the Strat sound semi acoustic like a Rickenbacker 12 . I do the Roger Mcguinn thing with a treble booster pushing the Mosaic and a compressor on the front end and a second compressor on the output.

Jody Hendrix says:

I would like to know what it sounds like with a bass guitar

Graham Jones says:

Hi Don, are you using the Vice Grip before the Mosaic or after in the chain? The manual says put other effects after, but some people say compressor first, what’s your view

raelalt raelalt says:

Going to get one of these. I got the Micro POG hoping to get something this nice sounding. Doesn’t even come close.

tecdessus says:

Oh man, thats just cheating….and how long does the battery last ?

Artamus Sumatra says:

Best demo of the Mosaic so far, most of the others really crank the treble, and make it sound fake, way too digital. Your recommended setting to “Nail” the 12 string sound actually sounds a lot like a real one. I was on the fence about ordering this pedal, due to the fake sounds of the other demos, but you have convinced me it can work as advertised, thanks!

Dennis D'solan says:

Esto no es mas que un octavador te lo venden como si fuera algo nuevo y sofisticado.


GREAT DEMO ! I WAS all ready to buy one BUT…on the DT site, theres no mention of 9V battery use???…(Who does that?)….Has anyone tried riggin a battery to the circuitry inside like we used to do in the 70s?..

Suicidal Rockstar says:

Great video not sure what the hell they’re talking about but interesting


Nice effect and demonstration. No cheese here, but lots of sweet sound and Sweetwater candy.

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