DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creation Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the FreqOut feedback-creation pedal. Use it to coax natural-sounding feedback from your guitar amplifier at any volume, with or without distortion. You even have control over the harmonics that are highlighted, leading to amazingly musical results. The sound is full and huge, just like a howling guitar amplifier. The footswitch can be set for momentary or latching operation, and you can choose whether your dry signal is mixed with the effect.

Buy the DigiTech FreqOut pedal here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FreqOut


Shannon Parker says:

Just waiting for mine to ship.

Darrell McMillan says:

Tasty playing. This is THE standout pedal from Winter NAMM in my opinion.

Faded NCS says:

Nice stuff

Scott McGrath says:

When will it finally ship?


Sounds more organic…….nice features. Great demo too!

TheWaterbound07 says:

Nice demo Don! Love the pedal and great innovative idea!

Marc McLaud says:

When will this pedal ship?

SR XIII says:

I just HAVE to get that pedal…i went through 2 ebows and i’m sick of the way they’re so badly made, just a piece of plastic.

stubhead says:

As always, there’s a few people saying it’s nothing new, same old thing, new graphics. And they’re wrong about it. Sometimes… I mean, EH’s “Ravish” sitar imitator can itself be imitated if you have a delay that goes to ZERO. It has to go all the way… set it at around 3ms to 5ms, with both the repeats and volume in the low 90’s…. insty-sitar. But I’ve gotten new Digitech, TC Electronics and particulary Pigtronix, and the PREAMP sections are a huge improvement in sound over old Bosses and such. I don’t know WHAT it is, but they’ve ALL conquered that transistor radio tone. This thing is using the synthesis idea of their band creator, but they match the NOTE you play. Or look at EH’s wack-o organ pedals… yes you can get the same sound by plugging four other pedals into each other and going psycho with the knobs. But you don’t have to.

patrick.cs says:

I’ve got mine on preorder! Can’t wait to get it!

Cai Durkan says:

What a cool little pedal, wonder how well this works in different positions in loop or input.

Luis Maior says:

Very interesting pedal.

Flávio Castro says:

My next purchase… Damn, I`m getting broke…

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