Digitech Drop Pedal Review – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine discusses the Digitech Drop Guitar Pedal:

1. How it works
2. How it sounds
3. Uses
4. Things to be aware of

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Dale Moskalyk says:

Man I was in a Crue tribute (One guitar, one set. We did 4 set’s). This would of made my life a lot more sane. Last setting would be great for 70’s style harmonies. Last two points were great. Great metal pedal. like it. good review.

Ole Slim says:

Great video, Steve. I personally use the Digitech Element XP’s whammy pedal function to switch between E and C standard.

I also sometimes program and save settings to use other tunings. I imagine that this Drop Pedal is a lot easier to use.

I was wondering if there was any pedal that can give you harmonies, like a second guitarist. I have seen some, but they require you to play in specific keys. Is there any pedal that will produce a copy of what you are playing, but a perfect fifth higher or lower than you are playing regardless of what keys you are playing? Thank you for your time.

I don’t know too much about harmony yet, so sorry if a perfect fifth is a really ugly harmony that confused you, it’s just an example.

Gary Z06 says:

I love my drop pedal….Great video

Anton Martin says:

Nice. You can move around any tuning without wearing out your strings.

Ed Tamago says:

nice beard bro

SJ R says:

Hi Steve – I hope you start doing more gear reviews. I really dig the way you explain stuff. Always a pleasure to watch you teach.

imhandumdrehen says:

Good for guitar, not perfect for bass imo.

Jake W says:

Is drop D tuning an option with this pedal?

Sidclay da Silva says:

Hi from Brazil Steve, really nice demonstration and tips. Thanks!

Steve Schrock says:

The first step down sounder killer man

Angel Martinez says:

Okay, does it go to drop D tuning, or will all the strings all go down a 1/2 to Eb?

Damien says:

What a great invention!

Shane Vander Veur says:

DigiTech Rocks – love the Drop pedal… very good review.

Steve Schrock says:

Oops sounded

Katsparrow says:

I like how this pedal doesn’t make it sound like the tone is being altered. I used to have a DigiTech Whammy pedal and when using the pitch shifting it the tone sounded fake-ish.

Anthony Thornhill says:

Def getting this!

Todd Diers says:

It’s a great sounding pedal. I use it often. The best for simple down tunings.

.skyNet says:

If I dont know music theory how would I know how many steps I need to go to reach c#?

Al M says:

Great review Steve. I’m getting this pedal based upon your review. Keep up the great work.

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