Compressor Pedal Shoot-out @ The Guitar Center, Chattanooga – JT Guitar

JT heads to the Guitar Center to try and buy a compressor pedal. It was so nice to meet everyone, I hope to be basck someday soon!


FromAustralia Yeah says:

Man what a wanker way to open your video. Otherwise good video

Jordan May says:

Had you played with the knob settings on each pedal prior to using? They all just sounded like they weren’t worth a slot on the board. As in they just didn’t do enough to be worth it.

David O'Neill says:

Amazing content and editing JT! Love the Camaro man!!

Θανος Z says:

Shitty review, you go based on money, even after saying that it wasn’t as transparent as some of the others. For us tone purists, the extra $50-$70 doesnt really matter-TONE FIRST!!
Im glad you chose the SP because it was the best one. Also, you should have chose the TC Electronic Hypergravity compressor instead of that cheaper compressor version.

B. Killough says:

The camero is gay

Andrew D says:

Boss always #1

Michael Caz says:

MXR sounded Worst by far, then the T.C. = 2nd worst. #2 was the Boss and the Best one in this video was the Xotic ( by far ). However . . .There are other Top Quality Stompbox / Pedal Compressor Pedals. Origin Cali, Bondi and Keeley – to name 3 – Super high-end compressors.

sussezq T. says:

So wasn’t expecting that accent at a guitar center in Chattanooga! Thanks for the info. Shopping for a first compressor. I came looking at the SP… and left thinking that’s the one I still want. Will do a little more looking into the TC, but looks like its gonna take up the most real estate on a small board. Hate the Dynacomp… too severe! And the Boss sounded a little muddy to me. Thanks again for the help!

Heartlett Music says:

Hey show us the chords for what you played I like the vibe?

JourneyModz says:

He thought his ass was cool buy hopping into a Camaro lmao.

Robby Miller says:

Hi – I’ll be unsubscribing in due course. Since this video I’ve decided I NEED a compressor pedal 😉

I actually think from your demo I liked the TC Electronics better! $50 is crazy…I’m with you on the Xotic tho…they’re just…cool! Great video as always mate, you’re absolutely killing it.

hueydvr38 says:

Why would you not play with distortion to hear the sustain for most rock music???

LieutenantFalcon says:

I wish my local guitar store had more pedals. They got alot of multi-effects, but just the dyna

Pikey Haze says:

Are You English mate

Evil Sheep Guitar Pickups says:

Really great Stratsmanship….!Nice review too.

Marclandh Studio says:

Awesome shootout man, I am actually using the Boss CS-3 comp, it works like magic, more to a feel thing lol , new sub to your channel 🙂 feel free to check out my guitar channel 🙂 Cheers !

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