Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra Overdrive Pedal Review

Get the Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra pedal here:–catalinbread-sabbra-cadabra-overdrive-pedal

Thanks to the Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra Overdrive Pedal, the voice of darkness has never sounded so good. It’s basically a Rangemaster-based treble booster that’s custom-tuned and paired with a Laney Supergroup’s preamp section. The offspring of this union is as gnarly in pedal form as it was as the foundation of Tony Iommi’s original setup. The design of the Sabbra Cadabra will take your tone to the dark side all on its own, but you get Presence, Gain, Volume 4 (named after the album), and Range controls for fine-tuning and shaping your sound further.


shane mclead says:

Active pickups? Seriously, Nick you’ve been doing this a long time, you should know better.

Wagoo says:

It’s a great pedal, but there are strange things afoot at the Circle Catalinbread

George Allison says:

Damn…I remember rushing out to buy Grim Reapers debut back when MTV actually played kick-ass music instead of teenage baby’s mamas followed by some ol YO BRO!!!

LikeMikeSIKE says:

Why not just a two channel amp?

Neil Aspinall says:

Jesus stop already OD/Dist. pedal makers! Mmm why was the guitar out of time with the backing track?

Flynn Hanbury Tenison says:

This doesn’t sound at all like iommi’s sound to me

stubkar says:

Some issues starting in rhythm…..

Pete's-mods &custom says:

killer pedal 😉

wolfkat dragonfish says:

Foggy like my dorm room at university, circa 1998. Cheers!

EC Tron says:


LordOfThisWorld74 says:

Great pedal but you really have to dial the amplifier in for the pedal. Clean, clean, clean Amp. Then add in the pedal to taste. It can get pretty datgon close… I’ve tried for a long time to get that sound.

Very dirty fretboard by the way lol

Neil Robinson says:

Among the very best of this type of pedal ever made. If you invest some time in learning Iommi’s technique, this pedal will reward you, sometimes in surprising ways. Howard Gee is an artist who makes pedals for artists. This is the real deal and its depth cannot be fully captured in a YouTube video. I don’t work for Catalinbread. I have played for many years and I have played through many pedals. This one does exactly what it should to help you produce the sound and feel of Iommi through your rig. If you love playing Sabbath, you need this pedal. If you invest some time in this pedal, you will feel your playing sound more and more like the record until you slip into the void.

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