Broke Musician’s Corner: Are Joyo Pedals Any Good? (Joyo Vintage Overdrive Review)

This is a review of the Joyo vintage over drive pedal. Are Joyo pedals any good?

Items shown in video
Ibanez TS9

Joyo Vintage Overdrive

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Rare Form says:

$17.00 new at the door Ebay .

Leandro Ruben Schwarz Júnior says:

I’m just trying to buy one! Tks a lot for your review!!!
Here in Brazil a TS808 or maybe a TS9 can cost almost 7 times the price of the Joyo! (USED vs NEW)

cnile cnile says:

I have several of their pedals and they are all great.
I keep a “California Sound” pedal in my gig bag as a backup amp, run it straight into the board, and it sounds great. Works great as a bass amp, too. I’ve done several gigs with just that, and nothing else at all, using the stage monitors. It’s supposed to sound like a Mesa Boogie-maybe an old one, it doesn’t have that super high gain sound of the newer stuff, but it really does sound like a miked amp.
I haven’t tried this one, but they all work well, no issues.
The best one is the “Ultimate Overdrive” pedal, it has a lot more range than this one does, and will do the same thing as this one.
Joyo stuff is good.
You should buy it.

sonic sega says:

i really do like joy or even donner pedals. and i don’t get paid to advertise so trust me when i say joyo pedals are legit

Cliff_thebigred says:

Love this video dude! Can’t wait to see more of this series!

Erick Omar Meza Flores says:

Es bueno o no es bueno este pedal man

DR440 says:

Thanks! This was very helpful! I was curious about the construction.

Geo Guitar Guy says:

Sure sounded pretty darn good to me!

Bo B says:

this is very helpful.. thanks!

Daniel Di Tomaso says:

Thanks for the review, it’s all I needed to watch to place my order. It’s arriving tomorrow!

Hoof Hearted says:

Thanks for the review. I just ordered one. And for anaother 40 bucks I also bought the joyo ultimate drive which is supposed to be an OCD clone. So 2 pedals for 80 cdn. bucks. You just cant beat that. Maybe they stack nice too, that would be a bonus. cheers

Sean Amusic says:

I love the name of this channel. Broke musicians.

dannysnow46 says:

Just picked one up for £10 which is about $12! Cannot wait for it to arrive!!!

Account Email says:

Thx for the video, Mr. Worm. Can’t say I’m that advanced yet, but it was interesting. All the best.

bobstar76 says:

I ain’t no broke ass… but hell I love this Joyo green box of fun. And yup, I scored mine at 1/5 the price of the Ibanez box.

Renaissance Man says:

I like the Joyo metal and overdrive pedals even though they are made in China cost 1/10 of boutique pedals. Same for Epiphone and Squire guitars.

Andy Mitchell says:

I’m thinking of adding this pedal to my chain. I’m using the Joyo JF-36 Sweet Baby low gain overdrive as my prime overdrive pedal. It’s a clone of the Mad Professor Sweet Honey low gain overdrive. It’s the ideal companion for the electric Blues guitarist. Being low gain, the overdrive is very subtle and warm sounding. It adds retro tones without any loss of clarity. It’s also super transparent and dynamic with touch-sensitive picking response. I can recommend you try it. I think it’s an absolute gem. I’ll maybe add the Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive for when I want that extra crunchiness.

Carl Windsor says:

The Joyo Vintage Overdrive is as good if not better than any other overdrive in it’s class..Absolutely love mine used in line with my Danelectro Cool Cat V2

Bobby Lopes says:

Hi just getting into pedals after using a multi effect unit.I am looking for some inexpensive JOYO pedals.Looking for a metal distortion,an over drive,delay ,chorus and one more but not sure which.I mainly play classic rock and alternative rock.Thank you in advance.

B.A Simmons says:

I’ll never buy another Joyo pedal. I had a Joyo delay that sounding descent, then one day after only having a fee months, it stopped working. Joyo said to send back and if I paid all shipping cost they’d send a new one.. issue is was going to be well over price of pedal to ship and have new one shipped! There for will never buy another

Necro wolfgang says:

I’m looking for a cheap fuzz pedal, the voodoo octave doesn’t really sound like the tone I want. Any suggestions?

y2kcurran says:

I’ve had mine for about 18 months and love it, cheers me up every time I step on it 🙂 BUY ONE!

ot4kon says:

The swicht is junk. Sounds good if you take care of the pedal. One drop to the floor you are done. The switch of mine fell apart but was an easy fix.

Axe Thrash says:

I got one for Christmas its badass!

rick jones says:

You won me I bought one. And you are correct.

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