Boss Waza Pedal Review – New “Boutique” Guitar Pedals from Boss!

Boss are getting Boss again! In this video Chappers & the Captain get their hands on 3 new pedals from Boss. The new Waza Craft range is all about pro quality features, in a familiar pedal with a slightly higher price tag than you’ve gotten used to from Boss!

Hope you enjoy the video – if you want more info on any of the stuff in this video, here are the links….

Boss Waza DM2 Analogue Delay –
Boss Waza SD1 Super Overdrive –
Boss Waza BD2 Blues Driver –
Gibson Custom Lite Les Paul –
Victory V10 Baron Amp –
Fender Roadhouse Strat –
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp –

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Rob & Lee

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Michael Craig says:

boss now sucks, and the great pedals are built in America, by small companies.. as it should be.. cheap shit made in China, and good stuff made in America.. thats the way it used to be.. getting that way again.. fuck Chinese junk!!

alvaro perez says:

Boss thinks we’re stupid.

Mike Guidry says:

Thanks for making some of the best demos on the internet.

akodag says:

Hey there Rob & Lee — Fantastic work all around (all other videos too) , fun, inspiring & informative — BTW I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) the WAZA DM-2w DELAY pedal does up to 800 ms — I thought I heard you guys say 600ms ?? so just wanted to make a shout out !! keep up the good work !! Cheers mates !!

Muzikman127 says:

can someone help me out… what’s the appeal of this dd-2 reissue over a dd-7? for delay why would it being analogue in any way make it better? A dd-7 can do everything this re-issue can do and more…

Sam Maddison says:

wished they’d add the old CE-2 to this high quality line

Casper G says:

to much talking

Stephen Owen says:

Why can’t they do a DS one?

Mas Despacio says:

That Gibson makes my loins burn

Erlend Johan Myrhaug says:


Vanessa P says:

I have an original BD-2. Awesome tone!

Nocturnal Fart says:

What’s with the rabbit at 7:41 ? 😛

Fexplorer futura says:

I think the moog delay has more than that time wise? But then I’m not sure its from this planet :/ if you have a reflex expression pedal you have a lot of options re: sweep and forward or reverse direction 😀 love life, love reflex 😀

Matthew Toscano says:

do boss pedals run off of nine volts

Nocturnal Fart says:

And now there’s a cool looking sword at 12:41 😀

DragonboltBlastter says:

14:05 What’s up with that strange picture

slyrez says:

what a beautiful Gibson

Frantic says:

Less talking more review… pls…

Fraenk Darko says:

7:45 the all analog Vox Double Deca Delay has max. delaytime of 900 ms.

Shun Luqman says:

can i ask….?what the model of the LP and the colour?

Beenyad says:

i want a ce-2 waza and re-issue of the slow gear and fz-2 but i think that goes without saying

James Rowland says:

these sound just as shit as every other boss pedal.

Bob Hill says:

you two guys are a pair of elitest corporate whores who could work on qvc rob chapman you are a twat

Darius Rimeika says:

You played Gibson with Fender strap. Burn in hell Chapman!!! Burn in hell…

Keith Miller says:

I never get to the actual demo.Because I get tired of wading through the shit.

Dany Aguilar says:

amazing tone!

IKilledThePromQueen x says:

I came here because of that gibson…

Joe Gardner says:

I took me a good 7 minutes to realise that there is a rabbit

AtlanticSpamHammer says:

Wasn’t expecting the Radiohead reference!

Anthony Hernandez says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the finish on that Les Paul? I need that in my life!

jerry jah says:

waza fir shit

Ryan McGowan says:

That rabbit.

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