BOSS RC-300 Loop Station Pedal Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the BOSS RC-300 Loop Station here:

Check out the Boss RC-300 Loop Station! It has three independently controllable stereo tracks, a Rhythm Guide, 16 built-in effects, and three hours of recording time. This is a full-featured, performance-ready machine capable of serious looping. Thanks for watching!

Don Carr


satrianirocks says:

Did my apprenticeship at Don Carr Chevrolet in South Surrey, BC (Vancouver) haha!

Mikaela Romance says:

Can you plug in a microphone through the USB? Or do you have to buy a new microphone?

Wilhelm Music says:

What are the 16 different guitar effects that’s on it specifically? 😀

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Does anyone know of a simpler looper pedal without a display that still has Mitty sink? I cannot find one. Thank you

Larry Seyer says:

What I find interesting is that this unit was introduced several years ago and it STILL has features other loopers do not have.   If it keeps this momentum up it may have a shot at matching the Alesis SR-16 drum machine’s record of 20 years and still going strong (ok, probably not).  [more below – click read more]

I was disappointed that the latest looper offered from this same company expects hand and finger operation.  This pedal allows a LIVE gigging musician to sound like a band using only your feet.  I love mine! 

And you can do a ‘Verse’, ‘Chorus’, and ‘Bridge’ all ‘On-The-Fly’ and arrange them in ANY order LIVE on the gig.  It’s the king – and will probably remain there for a while since nobody else seems to ‘GET’ the need for a unit with this much power totally controlled by the feet.

John Roberts says:

Thanks.  I think Boss released this pedal in 2011.  When do you anticipate an update that still uses foot pedals…not their new “DJ-type” release?

Hermetika Prime says:

just got one, have a question: Is it possible to connect multiple instruments in say a keyboard and guitar? I’ve tried various outputs for the cables running to both instruments but not having any luck. any help appreciated thanks!

Bartek Czubak says:

Can i plug a Guitar to mono l, another Guitar to r and mic to xlr and have independent output in PA?

Jason Biggs says:

Argh, there’s so much going on in the loops and the backing track I can’t tell what’s happening when he’s actually demoing the pedals

gitsurfer27 says:

Why would you use any other pedals in a review of a looper with effects? I wanna hear the on board distortion

Arman J.C. says:

By any chance, do you know why, anytime I export my files to the computer, the effect I recorded the track with dissapears? For instance, when I record with reverb effect on, if I play it on the pedal it’s OK, but when I copy the file to the computer the effect is gone…??
Cool video btw!

Randy Alberts says:

can the USB connection be used to sync up the 300 to a DAW’s tempo/clock? thanks

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