BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Pedal Review | Guitar Ineractive Magazine

Review of the Boss RC-1 Loop Station
Lewis turner reviews the Boos RC-1 Loop Station pedal as featured in Issue 32 of Guitar Interactive Magazine!

‘Looping is many players ‘must have’ effect these days and the martket is swamped with contenders for your money. So what has boss got to tempt the wannabe looper? Lewis Turner checks out the RC-1 Loop Station


AstroNutter .com says:

Why didn’t U tell about the cancel previous loop? Keep’emPeeled.

Jay Valentine says:

take a drink everytime he smacks his lips , goodluck making it to the end of the vid

Avner Fuzailov says:

hi, can you export a loop to a computer??
also can i plug in my mic and keyboard in the pedal or its only guitar?

Torwalk says:

Aren’t BOSS loopers made to operate differently from the TC Electronic ones? As far as i’ve seen in video reviews, the BOSS loopers are operated in the following way: You activate the recording, record something, push the pedal, and after you push the pedal, the loop starts playing, but you are also over-dubbing. On the TC Electronic, you record something, push the pedal and after that, the loop starts playing but you ARE NOT over-dubbing. If you want to over-dub, you should press the pedal again, which is not the case with the BOSS loopers. Did i miss something, or they are really made to operate differently? Thanks in advance.

Voilier Al dente says:

What is the title of the music at beginning ? Thanks

KjellGibson says:

How do you turn the goddamn thing off?????

Thijs Kennis says:

What an intro, great!

jo leone says:

Great player!

JJ Tanis says:

Does everybody fail to notice that his timing is off hitting the pedal in both examples?

PoRiNgUeS says:

I have a pedal effects zoom g2 and this loop.. but I can’t play solos with different tone than I recorded.. you know how can I do that?

Margus Pork says:

nice fretking guitar to

Bendydick Cuckatoo says:

How many loops can you record with this?

Jordan Baker says:

hi, is it possible to input vocals and Guitar the same time with the RC-1?

David Booker says:

What tele is that ?

Trevor Conklin says:

Can someone explain the purpose of Input and Output A and Input and Output B? Do I need to use both? What does using both do?

greatvanzinni says:

Guitar & Tractor magazine. Cool idea. This pedal looks great & at 12 minutes I can do pretty much anything.

Cinta Meyrick says:

I never get to stop the loop without erasing the loop, even though I’ve pressed it twice.

Wonjae Lee says:

why is rc-1 more expensive than rc-2&3? eventhough rc-1 has less functions than the others ones?

Youyou A. says:

It gives a nice tone 🙂

Jackson Catlett says:

I can’t turn mine on 🙁

crisdude says:

Please work on your articulation or your sound try speaking on a slightly higher pitch or something. I’m having a hard time understanding the explanations

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