BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

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In their iconic stompbox form, BOSS does it again. The PH-3 Phase Shifter, in stunning lime-green, serves up classic phase tones and a lot more. The 4-Stage mode is is very familiar sounding while 8, 10, and 12-Stage modes each get progressively thicker and chewier. Rise and Fall modes add their own new twist and Step Mode is a very welcome surprise. I love the randomness of the pattern.

Rate, Depth and Resonance offer plenty of sonic shaping; the addition of Tap Tempo and the EXP/CTL input put more flexibility and on-the-fly creative control. Great sounds, lots of options and rock-solid Boss quality.

Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Ace Queen Fan says:

I thought it was a woman.

Nasher188 says:

Been there, bought that, sold it !

Juani Siwak says:

analog or digital?

etilcareh says:

Good demo, Hank, thank you from France !

John Reid says:

lololol Don looks deep into your soul when he plays the chord in step mode. great demo

Curtis Newton says:

sounds like a phasor

trey azagathooth says:

you can hear a Step mode in Rhcp – throw away your tv solo

Cheff Hardwick says:

Winona Ryder

Dan Jackson says:

If you rotated it 90 degrees clockwise we could actually see what the controls look like rather than the side of the unit.

Kenneth Nielsen says:

Awesome demo, I’m sold! Ordered! Thank You!

Zack Hawkins says:

very nice sound .. 10/10 rated

John Grinnell says:

Great review!

Raz Rojas B says:

He does look like James May but, he freaking rocks in all these demo videos, this pedal sounds so rad!

Ric Di clemente says:

Why if you demo pedals do you need distorted sound people can’t get the true sound of a pedal

† ∫mΩk∑ M∑†h H∆il ∫∆†∆π † says:

I appreciate the direct stare into the camera as we’re listening to these noises. I was feeling a bit too comfortable watching this.

Tobias Johnson says:

The phase sounds like part of the theme from The Warriors

Marc LeBlanc says:


TheHaircutcity says:

horrible nails

Mark Hollstein says:

For functionality, this pedal wins out among its MXR predecessor. Aside from the 74 script or EVH phaser, I can’t see any reason not to buy this pedal…

Thibaut Vandame says:

idk why , but this guy makes me think of roger from american dad lol

Ethan Yong says:

The step mode sounds like it has a very quick gated effect so that the phaser is continuos but only a very quick gate

Thiko Seeri says:

so the name is phase shifter , pedal that im looking for

Domi Hunter says:


Neal B says:

MXR wins.


Hail Hail Rock and Roll PH3 sounds acidic,  is this for Acid Rock…?

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