BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

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Let’s check out another classic BOSS pedal, the OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion pedal! This iconic yellow BOSS pedal has been rockin’ guitarists for decades with its extremely wide-ranging sonic range. It really does a good job of covering the whole gain range, from subtle, gritty overdrive to full-on distortion.

With just Level, Tone, Drive, and Color controls you can completely change your guitar sound with a few knob turns. The Color knob in particular has a profound effect on your tone, changing the midrange cut or boost in a very noticeable way. I found myself using the tone control to shave some of the highs off heavily distorted settings, and using it to add some brightness with gentler overdrive settings.

In all, the BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion is an extremely versatile and highly useful pedal to have. Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Remington says:

can I get with this an guns n roses sound?

Israel D says:

Can you tell me if the circuit of this pedal is analog or digital? thaks.

Nikos debr says:

I am a new guitarist I like playing classic rock n roll, hard rock and a little punk i am between overdrive and distortion. Is this pedal better solution?

Thomas Houston says:

I’ve had the OS-2 on my board for years. Great for leads and has a nice over drive sounds. Its a little thin on the low end though.

AndyNyle says:

Basically to me the color knob seems to scoop the mids making it more suitable to use with different amps. Not many pedals have the mids knob and this makes os2 truly versatile

immanuel siahaan says:

can i get a black sabbath sound with this?

Rory's Stuff says:

Does this have a overdrive/distortion switch or something?

Oded Hen says:

Is this pedal recommended for Punk/Pop Punk?

Chris Aguilar says:

keep coming back to this pedal.

Luis Quinones says:

whatelse is needed for connection and how Thanks

Eddie Saha says:

Thank you

nydefect says:

This is one of the best over drive peddles i ever used! It was Great on Tube amps Shined om jcm900reverb 50 and was great on fender twins and it made my solid state gig back up amps sound just like my tube amp i started using a carvin 100watt solid state and live it sounded just like my marshal.. In the past I never spoke about this peddle because I didn’t want people to know where my sound was coming from i started using it around 1992 my original was stolen in 2005 or 6 i forget, and i was just now thinking of regrouping so was looking to get a new one and they were hard to find till just now ,Great with single coil guitars .the thing is with this over drive you can pull out your own sound it is very versitile with tube amps and a must with solid state

monno2600 says:

This is a great review over all

Bubba Bigschlong says:

Ha….my feet are so big I hit about 3 buttons at once. Its better if I put it on a small stand and work it with my hand. I never use the wah anyway so it doesn’t make any difference.

Lars alexander says:

can i play metal with it?
also i had tube screamer & equalizer,is it any good if i mix these 3 guys?

Plaman Butak says:

can it use as booster likes Boss Super Overdrive?

6672rock says:

I had one of those pedals. Kind if wish I kept it now. I really like the way it seamlessly goes between overdrive and distortion sounds.

Rhys Jackson says:

Would i be mistaken in saying, tone at 0, distortion at 100 would make a fuzz sound?

Creator Shadow says:

really great review I liked it this the only one that actually showed how the knobs actually work

Valdi Arief says:

this pedal,why is it so cheap?!

Thomas Papoulakis says:

This was the very first pedal I bought seven years ago and I still play the hell out of it! I love it as well as the fact that people still care enough to demo it!

RaF KiNs says:

great review. you look weird al if he wasn’t weird lol

Krybeans The Dark says:

muito obrigado pelo review . ajudou muitoooo

Bryce Evans says:

Very nice review.

Bowser's Space Laser says:

I use a swollen pickle for fuzz ( can not stand big muff) and this for a more “normal” distortion sound. good shit.

Floral Ghost says:

Would this suit something like “Arctic monkeys” style music ?

StormJH1 says:

Hate to be contrarian, but this was my distortion pedal for about 10 years, and I hated it.  Now, much of that was the crapiness of the amps I used at the time (since upgraded), but the OS-2 did it no favors.  BOSS, despite all the hate, actually makes a number of very good distortion/OD pedals, including the BD-2 Blues Drive and OD-3 Overdrive.  The OS-2 tried to be everything but seemed to do nothing well.  Sounded decent in this video, as I suspect would a DS-1 or virtually any passable dirtbox fed into a quality amp.  But given the explosion of affordable pedals (MXR Super Badass comes to mind), there are better alternatives nowadays.


Very nice for the price..Does not seem to be noisy which is a big plus…I like it…

gerrycokl says:

talk less sir

Elias Barlag says:

would the pedal sound good to john frusciante/rhcp stuff ?

LikeMike ­ ­ says:

What’s the point of pedals? Why can’t you just turn the gain up on the amplifier?

mutant bass says:

Thanks, this was one of the best reviews of this type that I’ve seen – you really examined how individual controls affected the sound instead of just showing off with some flashy riffs like many reviewers do….
Also pedal seemed quite versatile.

Alexander Dunaev says:

My first pedal 🙂

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