Trying out the Metalzone for the first time since I tried one back in the 90s. See the reaction!

Get the Metalzone here –


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MrAguilar1998 says:

Maybe pedals should only be used on $1000+ amps.

whatshendrix says:

It’s a great pedal. It does a thing and it does it very well.

Chance Parker says:

Is that C# tuning??

Niz Jas says:

play “sad but true” with this metal zone!! really badass!!

mike schoemaker says:

Phew, that title had me worried. Just ordered the MT2, the reviews are polarizing. People either seem to hate it or love it, so good to know its possibly because of user error and not that its inherently crappy.

electropentatonic says:

Ola just sold more Metalzone pedal in 11 minutes than have ever been sold.

Иван Плюхин says:

Кто русский?

Unleash The Fury says:

Heres my gripe about the claim that nobody knew how to use this pedal. The majority of people that used this pedal used it in front of a combo amp that doesnt have an FX loop on the clean channel. I dont think someone with a high gain tube head bothered with any distortion pedal!!

Viktor Balko says:

THANK YOU! I use it and people keep bitchin that it sounds horrible.. I love it

Pleybo says:

Jesus playng an Randall Satan ? WTF

BadMechanic13 says:

Your face says it all. Haha. I have one but not an amp with effects loop. So much better through the loop

Prometheus says:

Thanks Ola. As a not well educated guitar player I didn’t know about the whole preamp thing until now. I love how the Metal Zone sounds when people know what they’re doing, like you.


I’m not going to buy a Metal Zone as I was planning to since I can’t afford a guitar amp with fx loop.

I think I’ll get the Nano Metal Muff from Electro Harmonix instead. It is cheaper and delivers a pretty good amount of distortion for what I’m looking for. (Play in my bedroom, jam with the guys, etc…)

Anyways, thanks again. This video was very helpful to me.

Any suggestions?

Tío Marihuana says:

Fecal Zone

Сергей Никитин says:

Всегда считал, что металзон не настолько плох, как говорят.

raul gonzalez delgado says:

did you just plugged your guitar direct into the return?? i mean… guitar – mt2 – return??

Jake Vais says:

Как получилось, что видос от зарубежного блогера всплыл мне в рекомендациях на русском языке в названии. И даже описание на русском! Я думал, что только субтитры могут появиться, а тут вон че. Ну, видос клевый. Только я не доконца понимаю, как это работает все. То есть, есть инпут, туда НЕ надо подрубать металзон) А куда же он тогда его подрубает в первой половине видео? Разрыв? Где он находится, позади? А то я вижу только гнездо инпут спереди, и все.

Reuben Chadwick says:

I was using it wrong

Lyv Sab says:

I had one years ago and at that time i was really happy of the sound it spat, and i actually still like it … i never found it’s a shitty pedal …. still fan m/
But you’re right, most people hate such or such device just because they don’t know how to use it properly 😉

Alex Wolf says:

Песок. Звук через песчаный дюны бля-ха-му-ха!!!

Ignacio León says:

F@&# i sold mine years ago.

aron hallam says:


Владимир Мономах says:


Алекс ПК says:

Мой любимый тяжелый дист

Megustanlaspapyaz a says:

And me … 100% gain…

incognito_ d says:

if you think thats bad, now test de metalcore

strenil says:

Merci pour les sous titres en français qui que tu sois

jwe88lc says:


JsJustace says:

Opinion changed. Effects loop sounded great. In front was trash imo.

Михаил Базлов says:

Legend cant sounds bad))

Berkay Akdag says:

People playing their grg 170dx or squier with this pedal and thats why its a shitty pedal if they play with EMG or SD it wouldnt be like this

C. Cokernator says:

It was 1993 at a local Guitar Center when I fell in love with this pedal. I still have mine and still going strong!!! Don’t know what’s the hate all about.

VOVAN781000 says:

Cool sound!!!!

Jorge Cruz says:

I’m impressed how you found the pick after it fell. I dont know how to do it.

Ola Englund says:

Trying out the Metalzone Boss pedal today… pedals are fun, soooo SUBSCRIBE!

Andro Tekman says:

@4:42 = m/,

Илья Зубков says:

Second Jesus

Fole666 says:

Stupid question: using it this way you can’t control the amp volume, right?

SplitZcreenPlyS says:


Thor Underdunk Caballerial says:

Some awesome chugging! What’s the riff @ 8:17 from? Sounds particularly badass.

Matmax42 says:

I have metalzone but i haven’t use it for long time. I see now that i used it incorrect. I’ll return to this pedal to try some mixes with emulators.

bas says:

Right. Now trying hooking it up to a drum machine. This is what pioneers did in the late 80’s and 90’s, and that’s how massive, epic heavy kick drums were created, and created a whole new type of music on it’s own. You were able to be very creative, due to it’s 3 band EQ. Some things (TB-303 another good example) were invented with a certain goal in mind, and failed, but proved to be very, very good for something else.

Risqi Maulana says:

never found better distortion pedal than boss metalzone since 2002.
from mxr, evh, electro harmonix, dunlop, mesa boogie, etc

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