Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal – Complete Demo!

Rob and Lee get a sneak peak at the amazing new Boss ME-80

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The ME-80 is the latest and greatest in a line of multi FX units that takes the very best of individual stomp box easy of use and combines it with the very best of multi FX flexibility. Each separate FX module has its own dedicated knobs and footswitch (8 in total) so it only takes a glance down to see what effects are on and what settings they’ve got. Its phenomenal value for money so get yourself over to the Andertons web site now to check it out! We’re taking orders for this right now too!

Ooh – and by the way, if you like the guitars in this video, they’re also new for 2014 from Chapman guitars – you can find out more about them here –


GGGmAn001 says:

Into what are you running the ME80 into? Active/passive speakers? Guitar cabinet? Amp?

Cornwell Gritts says:

Should I get this or the GT-100?

Deshawn Dawkins says:

does it have a noise gate?

henri best says:

Bought this. It doesn’t sound great, but it isn’t expensive and it’s fun to tinker.

Knebel Landscape Services says:

what a damn dreadlocked wanker

hekio says:

I bought this base on the review and love it, thanks cap and chap

Nicky Scarola says:

Very informative videos you do, but to much talk.

kaide moss says:

Can I use something like this for the pedals only and say sod it to the amp sims? If so how would I do it?

Daz Is Back says:

Great Demo just bought one thanks for this insight

I Don't Give an F# says:

Rob Chapman couldn’t be more wrong about the distortions and overdrives being just okay. That’s really a matter of taste. Trying pushing the preamp and overdrives into the clean side of Peavey Classic 50 (or a Vox AC30) and then make a call.
This unit is much like the GT-8 but with a different interface. It has USB connectivity. You can mold the preamp and distortion to exactly what you want.

Angel Eduardo Di Giandomenico says:

I`m using two amps, exactly the same amps, and I tried flanger, no panning effect. It doesn`t have any other panning effect, so……………….what`s the meaning of having two outs for two amps, if there is no stereo modeling, or other left to right switching effect, …………… If anybody have the key to do it, i will appreciate some help, but i start thinking it`s one point against this machine. Even though i love the manual mode and other features like the duplicated modeling effects, and other bunch of things. May be only my unit, i don`t know. But if you give a look to the list of effects, there is no stereo chorus, flanger, or pan, or pan delay, or ping-pong delay. That is the point. I think it`s not stereo at all.

xd says:

must the me80 be connected to a guitar combo?

Johnny Good says:

Digitech rp500, boss me 80, zoom g3x, Line 6 HD 300 (maybe 400?) ?

Khdmmfjh Polaris says:

does it have a synth?

loraljohnson says:

Played with some dude yesterday that had one of these.  Not sure if he didn’t know how to use it or what, but it sounded like ass.  He played into a Fender amp.  With the Boss effect on it was real muddled and had a really fake sounding distortion.  Was looking for a video to see if it was the effect or his settings.  Sweetwater has it on sale for $299.  It’s not for me, but I can see if you like this type of “effect”, you may like it.  I think I would try it myself before buying one.   His sounded like OK, until you got a whole band playing and it was just mush in the mix of things.

Jonathan Montgomery says:

I have a newbie question. I am just getting into electric guitar for my 5 year old son’s sake. I want to know how many Boss and what Boss pedals does the ME-80 replace? like I said I am 100% new to guitar. I don’t know how to read notes or what’s what. I just happen to find Boss because I was looking for a pedal that will allow me to also play acoustic guitar with my electric. good thing I found boss because apparently they are a top brand.

mariano says:

help! I do not know whether to buy the ME25 or ME80 , are $ 100 difference , is it worth ?

Mikael Nilsson says:

I think it would increase the number of buyers with 80% if they just put a FX-loop in this…. How hard can it be ?

Jim Donaldson says:

For a rhythm guitar player, playing a strat through a vox ac 30, would you recommend the Boss ME 80 or the Vox stomplab 2G? Thank you!

Victor Zekov says:

Anyone know how to get ahold of tone central for Windows 10? The website just has some read me file with broken links I’m unable to get ahold of it

Gary Smith says:

at 350 cash is this a good price

Charles M says:

I dont really hear the difference between multis or pedals, I personally think they are the same. Probably the pros for pedals are you can tweak it faster than multis, let me know what you think 🙂

sequoia1171 says:

you guys in your stupid lozenges LOL

Franny Steven Rojas says:

wow amazing multi effects, by the way i love the shark over the orange amp 🙂

dreadlock1977 says:

Great test thanks!

BlueRIff63 says:

Ha! They apologize for its sound at the end….” favorite thing it the WYSIWYG…”, “…for my money, some of the overdrives are….good..some of them…..not so good….” LOL

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