BOSS LS-2 Line Selector Pedal Review

Nick Bowcott presents the BOSS LS-2 line selector pedal. This pedal allows you to switch easily between several different effects and route input and output signals flexibly. The LS-2 can also supply 9V DC power to several BOSS compact pedals when used with an AC adapter – this makes the LS-2 an ideal power supply and master switching unit for multiple effects setups.

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Vincent Romanelli says:

dudes hysterical! more reviews with this guy

J Johnson says:

A support pedal in the spotlight? Well played lol. Great pedal for loop switching but I just use mine to bypass my entire pedalboard’s signal. It’s like insurance, at least if a cable or pedal goes dead in the middle of a song I can just bypass to my amp and finish the song without effects.

Mr. Snake666 says:

I still don’t understand what this pedal does. Sorry for being dumb! Please explaine to me !

Scotty D says:

Horrible playing….. Please don’t be so humble……..You rock !

Martin Jakobsson says:

Great tone!

Ferran Melero says:

Wich guitar are you using

Ces McMyth says:

The biggest crappy situation here. I just got a stupid aby box. Buffered and with phase switch but does half the tricks this one does. And was costlier. Damn.

Robert JL says:

This guy is cool.

The Cantrell Project says:

ok this one does it, Sweetwater has oficially gone METAL…and i love it

ty max says:

*throws wires* “think about it”

Jack Minear says:

“Ad infinitum”. YES! (BTW This is one of those pedals that at first seems meh but in use is just a wonderful optionprovider and problem solver).

Dean Brandt says:

I dig Nick’s demos.

Herman Iu says:

Leaving the reverb on all the time just because you like to play in the cave? 
I use my Boss Fender Spring reverb, that means I like to play in spring! ROFL

Velvet Itch says:

That Jam at the end was so delicious, the October sounds gorgeous!

Coe Uechtritz says:

that string slack at 0:27

Khoi Trinh says:

Nick brings a breath of fresh air to Sweetwater’s demos. I love it!

Wilford Brimley says:

3:02 When you’re reading a newspaper that discusses Gibson’s financial troubles.

Will Freeman says:

I have used this pedal as a clean boost for years. I try others from time to time but always go back to the LS-2.

Taylor Brzoski says:

Can I use this to insert a guitar into a (pedal-generated) feedback loop, so that every note I play gets that (feedback) sound (if that makes any sense)?….

ArielsSmartyPants says:

Thumbs up for the lefty Jem 🙂

Ygor Piva says:

how do you do to put on all those necklaces?

ICG says:

Hahaha this guy is awesome = )

Andrew hudson says:

15 minutes to explain a line selector! Sweetwater videos are excellent but this isn’t.

Odd Arne Beck says:

This guy is hilarious! 😀 “Playing in a cave!”

Even Seb says:

Wish it was stereo…

Alexander says:

can you tell me is this not a ABY box?

Jesper T says:

Nice tip about using it as a booster as well! I use it right now to add overdrive and modulation only to my delays, but still retain my clean tone. Sounds very much like the Caroline Meteore.

Christian Boddum says:

Here’s a tip; to reintroduce a delay trail at the end of a pedal chain, a way to achieve spillovers 😉

Glistening Kabana says:

When he through that daisy chain cord! Gold.

Evan Moffat Shojania says:

Is it possible to use this pedal to create a sort of wet/dry? Having one loop with the wet and the other with the dry all running into one amp?

R A T C H E T says:

You’re a bit hard on yourself mate, the fact that you have a level of objective criticism towards your playing is something you should be proud of. It’s all just a bit of fun! anyway!

Lee Jacobson says:

Just FYI, you don’t have to dead patch the loop to use it with nothing. The loops are normalled.

Alexander says:

Can I use this to split my guitar so that I can add chorus to my delay pedal, but also have my guitar signal unaffected by the chorus? I just want to modulate the delay, not my guitar.

Boris Bengin says:

Having owned this pedal, it’s just one of those that are totally unglamorous but essential. Just great to have in the toolbox. Can be really creative in routing.

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