Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review


The Real Eric Mitchell says:

Not really heavy enough for me

llama shockz says:

yo, song?

gicady says:

Yay i just bought one of these and i forgot to buy a cable as well…. fuck my life…

James Holland says:

this was really helpful. thank you.

Drew Kane says:

That’s not a “review”, it’s a “demonstration”. *Huge* difference.

Gigsand Busking says:

Great video 🙂

Mistergibsonsg1 says:

Dude with that kickass tremolo and no divebombs or squeals?  tease.

Grizz Tune's says:

is this pedal good for metal?

Sabrina the scene witch says:

Could you link 2 of these these together and turn them both on? If so how would it sound?

michael chenoweth says:

Does that come with a battery?

Distant Field Productions says:

Sounds prime

Nate S says:

The perfect pop punk pedal
Just bought mysepf one

Bryson Cooper says:

what would be the ideal settings for punk rock along the lines of alkaline trio or blink

MarkMythV5 says:

Dude, every pedal test video should be like this one!

GhostProductions says:

What is the fucking song that play??!!!

RingsOfNeptune says:

the only pedal that sounds dead on my amp (vibro champ 5 watt tube amp, Fender). the SD-1 super overdrive on the other hand, sounds warm and richful. Is it a Fender kinda thing? I’m considering to get rid of this pedal and get the Boss ST-2 Power Stack

hittman1222 says:

This helped a lot. Thanks for posting!

Rogue Central says:

Does anyone know if this pedal would be good with a Sabretooth amp?

liam says:

how come on the volume knob is always in a different place? the volume doesn’t have that much to do with the tone, does it?

Acxel Garcia says:

i have this pedal and i dont like it so i bought the Boss ME 25 its the best

Mislav Vonić says:

what do you play?

Ellena Smith says:

I’m 13 and forming a rock band with my friends and I asked this guy on instagram who’s my age who’s already in a band what distortion pedal to use and he said the boss pedal so when my friends and I start practice after summer I can use this for my guitar

Cristian Lionel says:

Hey bro I’m a rookie What is the difference with the turbo SD- 2 ??
greetings from Argentina.

FinnMcConville says:

I have this same pedal and for some reason it sounds crap

Veloz teruzer says:

Guitar Beferefo Lindaaaaaaaaaa

Zohar Herold says:

would this pedal sound good with a blackstar amp?

Windup Fox says:

Same your money and buy a Proco Turbo Rat, or a Radial Tonebone. This pedal is garbage.

Gabowtf Covers says:

Asi es como realmente suena, no confieen en otros videos con audios profesionales jaja, personalmente no me gusto :/

Alisson Beserra says:

muito ruimmm cara

篠田愛 says:

Did you combine it with some overdrive in the video? Its kinda sound different from mine.

pickle boiii72 says:

heavy metal?

Alessandro Galli says:

What amplifier are you using?


nice reviews :)))

Fabricio Oliveira says:

Nice tone.

Delfago says:

So it’s possible to Sound like Nirvana with an Ibanez and a BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal? I Want to buy an Ibanez but i want to Play Nirvana and Sound like Kurt Cobain so i thought i have to buy a Fender but when i hear this pedal… It Sounds like Nirvana… Pls can someone help me?

Kevin Velazco says:

is this pedal good for doom style stuff kinda like candlemass??

Todonai Ferenc Ágoston says:

Can someone give me the settings of Rammstein?

Sebastian Rivas says:

what else are you using in this video?

Patrick Collier says:

Really nice riff. Can u give me the cords to it or the name of the song.

Brandon G Gaming says:

Nice riff I like it!!

victor hugo says:

what is the name of the music ?

Fernando Salazar Serantes says:

No bloody idea dude

Kevin Bradshaw says:

Very cheesy pedal. Seriously. It’s awful.

Vassily Andrzej says:

what are the chords please someone , I Need help

Ven Noel says:

What riff were you playing?

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