BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the BOSS DD-3 pedal here:

In this video, I’m checking out the BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay. If you need an ultra-clean sounding delay that’s both user-friendly and stage-ready, the DD-3 brings it in true, BOSS fashion. Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


aa AA says:

Welcome to the jungle

Kevys Rc & Music says:

very cool pedal 

Adam Fredie says:

Intro sounded like U2’s Bad

Faces Faces says:

what song was he playing at the beginning ?

gLasshouSesiNwaX says:

I was waiting for you to play “Crazy for You” by Slowdive

aarongtr180 says:

The delay pedal is great, of course, but wow – PRS makes the most beautiful guitars.

mike Braxus says:

thanks, can’t wait to get one

Equanimity Denied says:

does not sound nice, like a door bell, i never understood the use of delay pedals…

progrocker9 says:

Very nice video

HARwinsOUTagain says:

haha I love this pedal. But didn’t it come out say….10 years ago?

ccccccc says:

Sweetwater is the classic rock of music stores! Big ups

Rafael Chaves says:

quanto custa um pedal desse????

Felipe Mesquita says:

If I have Direct Out plugged in and the pedal in bypass, does the sound come out of the main output?

Doug Bline says:

HARwinsOUTagain over 10 years, Ive had one for about 15years LOL!

Nami Sumo says:

I really like my DD 3 but don’t get what purpose adding a patch cord to the direct out serves when it’s not hooked up to another amp.

Lewmew22 says:

This guy is great at doing a bottom to the top review!! Worth a watch if your wanting to know what this pedal does

BanditPanda says:

Does this Boss pedal also buffer?

RohanHowarth says:

The first thing he plays sounds like a ringtone

Pete Kaltsa says:

What people don’t realise about the DD2 and DD3 direct out is that while its in your effects loop chain the direct out can send the preamp section of your amp to a boring sounding amp and you can have the same sound in that amp.
I discovered this while it was plugged in my jcm 2000 fx loop and the direct of the dd2 into my Bugera 1960 and I had 2 jcm2000’s operating and sounding identical.

I haven’t tried it but I’m sure if you plugged it into your sound card and set up a cab sim you’d have a direct out from your amps fx loop into your interface

Matthew Abram says:

Can I use that for a piano

Chris Davies says:

Another great demo as usual. What’s your opinion on the DD3 vs the Tera Echo? would you say there were similar or vastly different. I’m torn between the two. Any advice gratefully received.

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