BOSS DC-2w Waza Craft Dimensional Chorus Pedal Review

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The one and only Dimensional Chorus effect is back, in the BOSS DC-2W Dimension C Waza Pedal. Loaded with premium analog circuitry, the DC-2W not only nails the sound of the original DC-2 Dimension C pedal — it also offers a spot-on re-creation of the original SDD-320 Dimension D rack effects processor that started it all. The retro-style preset buttons also offer access to different variations on the effect, for a total of 20 different sounds. Complete with stereo I/O, the BOSS DC-2W Dimension C Waza Pedal is a great choice for guitar and bass, keyboards, and even studio mixing sessions.


carlygtr says:

I’m on the Pre-Order list. Can’t wait!

Bob Clarke says:

Great pedal! Also love that Tele you’re playing!

Ramin ALI says:

Hello, why does website not work?

Rafi Kirder says:

Nobody told Mitch that its possible to pair settings, ah well. Good demo nonetheless.

Tomy Sabbath says:

First preset reminds me to the eventide doubler effect

Michael Caz says:

Great Job Mitch. Fantastic Pedal. This is the Waza . . . I have been waiting for. You guys at Sweetwater do a great job.

John Galt says:

If I use the pedal with mono amp in the FX loop, will I hear stereo through the headphones?

Robert Israel says:

Why don’t you have these amps anymore?

Christopher Dowdy says:

Please show how you ran it into the fx loops of the two amps

Topsy Krett says:

One can clearly hear the vintage DC-2 clipping the signal peaks of Mitch’s guitar playing at 5:53 while the same phrase on the DC-2w at 5:33 is clean. Seems BOSS addressed the DC-2 headroom issue in the Waza. Big thumbs up!

Brian Kubarycz says:

This has best sound quality of all DC-2w demos.

Neil Aspinall says:

Chorus pedals were a bad sound then and a bad sound now. Mitch do I notice that although you’ve shortened your hair but you’ve lost a bit of weight too?

Kieren Moore says:

Seems the newer one is a bit brighter/thinner than the vintage pedal … which tends to be the way with modern production pedals: 5:49 … 6:09

Spiral Architect says:

Nice lush sounding unit.

luckyno888 says:

Any details available on that Tele?

Line6 HELIX Tonematch says:

Maybe this is out of topic but Line6 Helix has it modeled inside and this is chorus effect I use mostly. 🙂

Aryeh Wilson Mendes says:

Great demo.

dvincentblack says:

They’ll be released next week, and I’m on the list for mine. It’s going to run out quick!

Alexander Acker says:

Very nice demo. Why didn’t you show that you can pair presets for new tones?

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