BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal Review by Sweetwater

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This video is all about the BOSS CS-3 compressor/sustainer pedal. This classic compressor has the versatility to go all the way from subtle to super-squash and has all the rock-solid features you’d expect from BOSS. Thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Bellucci2014 says:

is that a 60/70/80’s rockstar or a woman?

David Moss says:

Hey dude…you don’t even know what that pedal does.

Ralph Menezes says:

can this be used for bass m confused

Jesus Christ says:

I am wondering why most guitar pedal review or lesson is done on a fender ??

alpii176176176176 says:

memeni aç, arkadaşım merak ediyor

mees&gitaar says:

Hey! I am trying to get a Gary Moore like sound, can I use this pedal for that? Or do you have other suggestions to create the gary moore sound? I don’t have a really big budget 😛

Josh Elias says:

Hahahahah “the tone speaks for itself, the attack is the sound of the attack, the level is of course the level” damn dude its not obvious for many people that are newly learning about pedals.

Toro Leightenen says:

He strummed harder when using the CS3

Lucas Argandoña says:

Is this one and the T-rex neo comp the same?

jeremy panjaitan says:

does the level knob decrease the overall volume or just the compression volume (if that make sense, like a mix knob perhaps)?

Harlan Roberts says:


Andy Brown says:

sometimes reviews make you not want to buy the product

Phlop Alopagus says:

The attack is the sound of the attack WTF are you talking about? Do you people really not know how compression works. Sustain is not an effect it is the release for the compression only renamed to sustain. Attack is how fast the compressor acts after a note has been struck. Level is the amount of compression. Tone is tone. For god sakes if your going to help at least know what your talking about. The attack is the sound of the attack lol come on man.

Ampheat says:

could you explain what exactly the attack does?

butterfly queen says:

can you use this to do the sustained pinch harmonic instead of getting a Sustainiac pickup ?

JK says:

Honestly I’ve owned this stompbox for 12 years – I never gigged with it, recorded it a couple times but in the end I stopped using it. I recently got the Me-80 and I genuinely believe the compressor on that is quite good.

Sasha Galperin says:

why other pedals might have a sensitivity knob and boss’s doesn’t have !? is sensitivity knob is for how much compression is applied !? does attack knob is for that !?
Thanks you !


This seems to make organ type rhythms very well….one of the back and forth opportunities that keyboard players used to emulate guitar riffs.  Now guitarists are able to emulate keyboard swells.

Santiago Bonavita says:

de kKas


Mike Machado Music says:

I thought he was a woman at first.

david vargas says:

Hi guys, I have many questions about this pedal, when I use a strat or a telecaster, I put the attack in 3 and the sustainer in 5, and when I use an archtop guitar I put the attack in 5 and the sustainer in 3, is correct this setting, or how you recomend me setting this pedal?

Rupert phil lynott says:

“Hahahahah “the tone speaks for itself, the attack is the sound of the attack, the level is of course the level”

I literally fell out of my chair laughing after watching this demo.
The dude should be presented with an award…any suggestions for the title of the award?


Do these type pedals give a fullness to the tone as well as keep the sustain above the amps normal ability.   I really like to hear about the difference this type pedal gives to both tube and solid state amps.   Being that I have at the present time both,  It would be a great value not to get the wrong kind of pedal.  By thinking the wrong information would be sufficient to make a acquisition and end up junking it.

Rogerio Sartori says:

stock sucks! make a mod and you’ll find it very interesting!

Bram Leferink says:

I hear absolutely no difference in the distorted sound in the end between the cs-3 off and on…

Ben Tucker says:

I want oneee

Kevin Wright says:

my cs-3 has problems turning on and off and when guitar is plugged in and the pedal is plugged to the amp it won’t work it sounds loud feedback. I don’t know what to do. any suggestions?

reffoelcnu alouncelal says:

This is my third video the other two I didn’t even hear the pedal people just talk ,this is good

WastedFreakOut says:

where shall i put this on my pedal board?

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