BOSS BF-3 Flanger Pedal Review by Sweetwater

Get the BOSS BF-3 Flanger here:

In this video, I’m checking out the BOSS BF-3 Flanger. Housed in the iconic BOSS stompbox, the BF-3 has four different modes, stereo outputs, tap tempo and most importantly, great sounds. Enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

— Don Carr


Neil Barbu says:

nice soul patch, Tell Daniel I said Happy New year and to you also of course

ROME SK says:

“” englishBf


TheFreeStyler says:

Very helpful demo. Tnx

ijams sum says:

I see he does not know how too set a flanger !
I allways set the rate low so I can add depth so it sweeps long without the out of tune effect !
Same with chorus , rate low depth high !

Tony marvel legends fanatic Ogrinc says:

Can you do a review on the hi-band Flanger

Alexander Waidhofer says:

anybody knows what’s the name of the song in the end?

hawg427 says:

WHAT! No Baracuda segment 🙁  

aphextwin6 says:

Thats how you demo pedals.

Kevys Rc & Music says:

nice pedal 

Nasher188 says:

I have 5 flangers. Among them are them are the BF-2 and BF-3.
I personally love the versatility of the BF-3. It does a LOT and it’s stereo. The sweep gets wild, reacts well to distortion and does airplanes well.
The BF-2, on the other hand, is more powerful and has a richer sound but it’s not stereo. And not nearly as versatile. They’re BOTH good but I use the BF-3 more often.

John Burdette says:

Fantastic pedal very versatile,I really dig mine as well…sounding good,nice video…

rss313 says:

the gate practically gives a tremolo, this pedal seems nice all around

J. Stormer says:

Was this the one Foo Fighters used for Breakout?

eroticblack says:

Damn! That is one awesome tone! This actually tells you that boss is the boss of pedals!!

Neil Barbu says:

I could not even imagine D.F. As a woman Don lol

MrElMalva says:

Is just me or the hiss is HIGH?

Dog says:

I bet this guy has a pretty mom

Andrew Sturgess says:

thanks for the demo! I used to own an MXR Flanger which died on me years ago and I am finally missing it. This time around I think I’m gonna choose the Boss, if not only for the awesome gate effect. Cheers, mate!

Jordan says:

Why do you not demo it with some gain?

Pyromancy Glass Art Pyromancy Glass Art says:

Do I have to change the battery inside the flanges event tho I have it hooked up to electric

Jason Hallman says:

I have this pedal. Sound great, only problem is when I press it on its alway louder. Too loud. It’s like a boost. Anybody know how to stop that?

Steven Kinsey says:

Flanger – Hair Metal
Phaser – Stoner Metal

Jesse West says:

what is that song at the end?

Tom Jones says:

Does it help if you take LSD?

jackbaradog says:

this is digital?

Mr.Toliver says:

I would love to hear this with a bass player…

K.C. says:

I bought two Boss pedals, a Distortion and a Delay Pedal. The distortion pedal died six months later and the delay kicked the bucket almost a year and a half later. I have pedals older than that and are still going strong. No longer a Boss fan.

Drew Pierce says:

Ah, flange, or: how to make your guitar sound like a sick cat.

sparkymoo says:

I gave one of these to a “friend” about 2 years ago, then later found out he had stolen a bunch of stuff from me.  =0/

HeyySouL says:

What song were you playing in the intro?

BullSpit says:

He should have play unchained

Erik Jensen says:

I was half expecting to hear Baba O’Riley at the end of the video during the “Slicer” section. lol

Hank McStash says:

White people be gettin old in odd ways son

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