Blackstar LT Pedals – The Most Scientific Review Online!

Everybody’s favourite Northampton based guitar amp company, BLACKSTAR, have entered the budget pedal market with a BANG!! The new LT pedals offer a range of killer drive tones to suit all tastes – from subtle boosts to searing metal tones, there is sure to be a pedal here for everyone. Starting from just £49 these have to be some of the best pedals we’ve ever tried in this price bracket. To check out the range on our site, just go here –||||#1379603184815page-1

Other gear used in this video is a Chapman ML1 Guitar, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe II amp, and a Marshall Fridge – all of which are of course available to buy from Andertons.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts as always…..!!!


tigerbalm says:

Think you meant burgers to fish n chips…

Todd Williams says:

Why does chap sniff/smell everything?!?noticed him sniffing strata, the pedals n this video….odd habit it seems. Some tone secret to smell I’m not aware of? I wonder if this habit carries over to EVERY ASPECT of ur life. Eeew. Otherwise, like ur vids. Interesting seeing the Brit view on all these products. Keep playing and God bless.

saedt says:

Man rob was skinny here

RONIX_NW says:

That Marshall amp is a fridge! I must have one.

life is a learning process says:

I bought the dual overdrive green pedal several months ago and have used it many times at various venues; both small bars and larger lounge type rooms. This pedal is very nice; however, I found it to have too much bottom end; no matter how I tweaked it, that bottom still reverberated through. It clashed with the bass and was hidden in the band mix. I ended up going back to my “Boss Dual Overdrive” pedal because it has much less bass and can be heard clearly and distinctly in the band mix. Don’t get me wrong; its a wonderful overdrive sound; its just a bit too much bottom end. It might work better through a Fender or Marshal amp.

jody reynolds says:

ive got the Lt dual but where would i position the isf dial to get it to sound like a high gain peavey 6505?

tigerbalm says:

Hey Justin Rose, shouldn’t you be playing golf???

iPhoneeditor says:

Sent by the cheap pedal board challenge, wasn’t disappointed.

iPhoneeditor says:

Sent by the cheap pedal board challenge, wasn’t disappointed.

Jussi Tapioka says:

“Cold black metal in a box” so you basically buy this to play Immortal?

TENSURUGI Films says:

oh dear. Blackface in a Blackstar video? oopsie

Baptiste Wayne says:

5:57 LT Boost
7:50 LT Drive
9:12 LT Dist
12:00 LT Dual
14:16 LT Metal

Badger Fishing says:

I thought Le’s fridge at 1:08 was actually amps!!!! I need a fridge like that

AndreeTheGuitarist says:

Hey guys is the LT-Dual similar in sound to HT-Dual?

BionicSammich says:

I only buy Aerodynamic pedals, so these are great for me. Gotta make sure my pedals can handle the POWER blasting from my cab.

saedt says:

where’s that dude saying “quit your jibber jabber” from?

Cody Granrud says:

Either I’m high… or Lee made a DP joke… which is perfectly fine.

Chris Priest says:

@01:07 OMG I want that fridge. Love these guys 🙂

monkey dangus says:

Get some tone, you crazy fool!


Rob Chapman wastes so much time talking and acting silly on all his vids rather than playing more music and getting to the point instead of joking all the time. I like joking but not too much when your making a point about musical equipment. When I see his vids I go immediately shut his off and go to another. He is Annoying and Irritating.

Kikyobutt says:

Lee told me to come here and this video does not disappoint! I now see that I need one of these aerodynamic pedals for my pedal board.

P-G Karlsson says:

Lee! You’re the best! 2in1!

César Márquez says:

If they were a little more serious would be a good channel to follow, unfortunately they are more idiots than creative.

Uther Pendragon says:

I like your videos !!!!
Greatings from Germany…

Neverdweller says:

I find some pedals that have a hard click can often have an audible noise through amps.. so the non hard click removes that problem.. but hey if you dont mind a sharp audible click coming through your amp… no big deal.

Insomniac Astronaut says:

az kalsın alıyodum

Cole Dowden says:

love the aerodynamic test part. we need more of these types of tests on all the reviews!

KingNothingIII says:

5:57 LT Boost
7:50 LT Drive
9:12 LT Dist
12:00 LT Dual
14:14 LT Metal

Davie204 says:

Can u use these on bass?

Hazen Stribling says:

that is a sexy ml1

Karick Herrfort says:

Plot twist the marshall was a fridge this whole time!

FallenDaedra says:

Could anyone tell me what the difference between overdrive and distortion is? Thanks!! 😀

Tom Gordon says:

Genius! 🙂

Vanadeo says:

I got the LT Distortion one… Plugged into my Laney TF300 sounds fookin amazing.. best sound I have ever had.. cant wait to get an all valve amp.. I wanna try the Bugera 1990 :).

Finley Curtis says:

he now has to make the first chapman distortion pedal called unity gain

onefatstratcat says:

Pedals suck… fridge is cool 🙂

Michael Garcia says:

Okay, the part with the fan almost made me urinate my pants!

Nasher188 says:

The Blackstar LT Boost pedal is very good !

common logic says:

Can the Yellow DRIVE tone be duplicated on one side of the DUAL pedal or is it a different circuit all together? I loved the first drive, but to add another “channel” using the dual would put me in tonal heaven!

chinablows says:

It runs on a 9v battery.  Just two screws to access the battery bay.  I bought one the other day, and ran it on a clean channel and a gainy channel.  This thing is perfect as a treble booster, just gotta find the sweet spot for the bass knob.  It seems to boost the bass ever so slightly even at 12:00.  But you can hear the fullness of the notes.chords, as if to say, you better hook me up with some gain, yo!  On the gain channel, this thing is just….nuts!  And the switch is so smooth, since it does not click, you are not sure if it switched or not – until you start playing.

Jacopo Tersigni says:

Captain’s face at the dual’s channel 2 xD

joshua hutton says:

whycome chappers always smells everything?

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