BEST VALUE OCTAVE PEDAL: The Ammoon Octa Review and Demo

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is an affiliate link. I received this product free for evaluation in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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You guys wanted me to find the best value octave guitar effects pedal on the market, and I believe this is it. I’ve had it for about 4 months now, and it’s lived on my pedal board the whole time. It’s very cool, and when used as a subtle effect, it really adds a lot to your sound. It’s great for blues music, church music, and experimental music. I’ve really enjoyed playing on this pedal over the last few months! Huge thanks to the Woteritrade amazon store for sending me this pedal for evaluation, I did receive it for free upon my request to review this pedal.


Dennis Trachniewicz says:

Hay Dan, you seem like a cool down to earth guy. You really inspire me to build guitars and try out new things. And thank god you are somebody who understands that often guitars and effects are overpriced. Most of the time it’s good but a high price is no necessity for good gear. This pedal demo is just exactly what demos should be short examples of all the varieties of all the tones.
Keep it up man, love your content!

Arnel Mendoza says:

that sounds “like” an organ

John Wold says:

I really dig this pedal.

Justin Doss says:

Octave pedals aren’t ever really cheap, you can find them for a low price but not what I would consider cheap

Kevin Pape says:

Any chance you can use this pedal with a bass

Stevo says:

Your video didn’t really show how good the tracking was in regards to chords.
When you crank the octave and lower the dry signal, try strumming a Dm chord. It shows how good the pedal is at tracking chords.

Rax Pax says:

I could use it very well though. with the bass guitar

Tim O says:

Very nice.

zara dehghani says:

you are amazing

God Please Help Me says:

Does this work on bass

Simonarne Myklebust says:

that chord progression would be cool with a tremolo pedal or running it through a rotary speaker

lucrosen says:

I never knew I wanted an octave pedal then I listen to you finger picking and boom. I need it

Alan Simmns says:

Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been looking for a budget Octa pedal! Mini pedals are ok, but just prefer regular sized pedals..

angry man car park says:

Does this pedal handle chords?

Dingle Dan Army says:

@13:54 Hey! That’s Bassist!

McCandlessJohnJ says:

Have you tried the Moore Pure Octave pedal? It’s a mini pedal with up to +/- 1 and 2 octaves onto your dry signal

Samuel Ehret-Pickett Franklin says:

What is a worship band, we don’t have stuff like that in the UK?

Jam On Jimmie says:

Great video as always man! I can’t wait for that bass pedal board video as I am getting into more effects (just use a bass fly rig for now) and would love some suggestions and reviews on bass octaves, compressors, fuzz, etc on the inexpensive end. Maybe some synth sounds?…

Tim Jennings says:

love the sound of that pedal. don’t know if i would use it in my church music though its a little bit to metalic for my liking. how does it sound on bass though?

Daniel F. R. Gordillo says:

do an Ammoon Pocker Verb next!

Minethulhu Fhtagn says:

I would be interested in seeing your take on the DIY Pedal kits. Especially when compared to the prices of some of the cheap pedals you’ve reviewed recently (and semi-recently going further back), I have to wonder if a DIY kit can compare in price / quality (but then I do DIY stuff for the experience as well as the result).

Getting pointers on good quality and cheap DIY pedals might be nice. FWIW, this:

so far seems to be my best bet on entering into the DIY Pedal space. Other sites I’ve seen are about twice the price for a “full” (including enclosure) kit. Not sure that I want to get into burning PCBs as the site owner does on his youtube channel, but still interesting to see…

EDIT: I should note that obviously the above site is in Australia…I only point this out in case I’m making an assumption that prices I’m seeing are American dollars and not Australia dollars. If they are Australian dollars, at $1 AU = $0.71 US, the prices are even better.

Dan Kish says:

I like that you also yell at your fingers when they don’t do what you want them to lol.

J P says:

Others indicate that there is delay in the sub octave notes and gets muddy during 4-6 string strum. Can you verify this?
Blessings bro

Bill O says:

Well done, very informative demo

Wyatt Baugh says:

What was that song, I loved it

David Schwab says:

It sounds brighter because it’s buffering the signal. That’s the true tone of the pickups minus the cables.

Corey Winslow says:

I dig the settings… Cool work!

Garret Gravink says:

I agree, the riff around 9:15 needs way more reverb

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