BEST 5: Guitar Floor Multi Effects

Best 5 Guitar Floor Multi Effects
1. Boss GT-100 –
2. Vox Stomplab 2G –
3. Zoom G5n –
4. Boss ME-80 –
5. Line 6 POD HD500X –

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Danfuerth Gillis says:

after 21 years the Digitech 2101 , 2112/2120 SGS tube FX processors still blow away anything out there even any Axe FX crap. If Digitech re released the 2120 SGS with newer technology out there today Digitech would collapse the Market . 1 Reverb Module has 10 pages of settings. Nothing out there that can do the real time dynamics FX changes as the old Digitech units. Play soft and reverb and chorus is heard, play harder and a detuner and Distortion comes out the slow the attack and back again chorus and reverb you can pull off some insane sounds with the real time Modifiers. None of these tools are on the Axe FX.

Walter D Mg. Garcia says:

Does anyone recommend a good pedal board with brass section ( sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute )?

zesar ahmed says:

boss gt 100 best

Arjun Das says:


Clifford Almerol says:

Zoom g5n….

Graceland Studio Covers says:

Old multi effects.

capsuleboy says:

somebody said that gt100 is one of the worst gt ever, I havent tried it.
I got a gt 10, but honestly, can somebody tell me which one sounds better? the boss gt 10 or the me 80 ?? , the me 80 is more limited I think, it has less effect, it doesnt have things like synth, slicer or autoriff , but Does it sound any better?? less digital? or just the same?? I can get a me 80 at 4/5 of what my gt10 cost me.

Cj Naotda says:

Hd500x is the best

Tech Guru says:

Thanks for the feedback. Links updated 🙂

Richard says:

I don’t understand. You did this review this year? These pedals apart from gt100 and box are outdated already

Dewayne White says:

I like the zoom g5n myself!

Muris Cickusic says:

Does this Vox multi effects belong to this list?

76ODDY says:

Floor effects!

Aldo Smok says:

Can somebody clear something for me: can you load your own presets from your DAW to one of this pedalboards?

R Dm says:

Hello, the list you presented is interesting,after 2 vox stomplabs like#2(the purchased&replacement)frying out(the tiny power switch failed on both)I found a boss80&have yet to experience any type of hiccup and the reason i found this interesting is that after the vox “incidents”i actually tried out everything on your list…i bought the boss80&with the dependability and being an “analog synth” loving guy also,the multiple knobs&lack of extensive “menu surfing” make it almost simple to produce any sound I’ll ever need from B.B. king to David Gilmore other than adding my crybaby,a compressor&an extra delay all running thru the loop,well except the final delay is in the loop post electro harmonics noise reduction/gate pedal,double looped… have to give the boss80 the number 1 or 2(still like the line 6 live alot also) and put the vox at like #10 for dependability#7 for sounds&#8 for programming…actually my list is almost exactly opposite of yours…lol,no offense,i value the fact that everyone’s taste in sounds,programming&even brand preference is different(hell i play thru a vox 2-12 valve combo amp,so i do like vox)but that aside the switch is much to small(under rated)for the extended use of gigging(usually on for 5-6hours a night)&in time overheats,becomes intermittent first,then fails altogether…in my experience at least….thanks&happy playin’

minal hembrom says:

Is fender mustang floor available in market?

76ODDY says:

Good floor guitar processors – atomic, atomic 12, headrush, helix, and may be mooer ge 200

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